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Michael Owen Net Worth: Is The Former Liverpool Player Still Living The High Life?

Michael Owen Net Worth: Is The Former Liverpool Player Still Living The High Life?

Michael Owen had a coveted football career in which he not only scored a lot of goals but also made a sizeable net worth as well. The former Liverpool player is a Ballon d’Or winner and one of the highest scorers for the England national team as well.

He started out his career at Anfield and rose through the ranks with the Merseyside giants. Owen boasted an amazing goal-scoring record at the club, scoring 158 goals in 297 appearances – winning the UEFA Cup, FA Cup, and Football League Cups with them. He then won a Cup treble in 2001, for which he also won the Ballon d’Or as well.

Owen moved to Real Madrid in 2004 and was Liverpool’s top scorer for every season since 1998 before joining Los Blancos. But injuries started to plague his career at Madrid and cause him trouble. He only survived for one season at Madrid before Newcastle United signed him in 2005. In four years at Tyneside, he only made 71 Premier League appearances and scored 26 goals.

He’d go on to win the Premier League title with Manchester United in the 2010-11 season, before moving to Stoke City – where he spent his final years before retiring in 2013. Thanks to a glittering career, Owen was able to incur a lot of wealth and make himself a rich man.

Is Michael Owen Still Rich?

Owen started receiving major wages at a very early age. The Englishman was the highest-paid teenager in England during his teenage years and also signed a contract worth £2.5 million a year wages in 1997 and kept receiving big wages at Liverpool.

He joined Madrid with wages in the excess of £2.5 million a year but only spent one season with them. The Englishman is rumored to have received wages of around £23 million during his stint at Newcastle United, but that came down considerably when he joined Manchester United as a free agent.

The Ballon d’Or winner received at least over £35 million in salaries over his career, at a time when bloated, exceeding wages weren’t a thing either. After retiring from football, Owen transitioned to different things in his career.

He hasn’t really taken to a management role yet, instead using his expertise to become a football pundit. He works as a freelance pundit for multiple channels and outlets, all of which help him enjoy a pretty lavish lifestyle to this day.

How much is Michael Owen’s House worth?

Owen bought a manor in the countryside in a small Welsh village of Norththop, near Mold in 2001. The manor is set among 42 acres of countryside and the place where he lives with his wife and four children.

The Englishman’s manor is currently valued to be a whopping £4 million. He also keeps the majority of his cars and horses in this mansion as well.

What does Michael Owen do for a living now?

Owen is currently working as a pundit for BT Sport and Premier League Productions as well. He sometimes even works as a commentator for Premier League matches, but mostly as an analyst for matches.

He also writes columns for a variety of websites as well. Indeed, Owen has had columns on websites like the Daily Mail – as well as betting websites like BetVictor and AceOdds.

Owen is also a huge fan of horse racing and has taken into the sport after retiring from football. He has his own racing yard named ‘Manor House Stables’, which he operates with renowned Horse trainer Hugo Palmer. Owen is a racehorse breeder and has a variety of racehorses, but his strongest one was ‘Brown Panther’ – which was bred by him and won the Dubai Gold Cup in 2015.

However, that horse had to be unfortunately put down in 2015. Owen also occasionally gets involved in horse racing himself and finished second in a race in Ascot in November 2017. His horse ‘Ever Given’ won a race in Ripon in 2021, fetching him over £3,000 for the win.

What is Michael Owen’s Net Worth?

The 43-year-old Englishman has a pretty neat net worth because of his past earnings and investment. Of course, it’s no surprise that Owen’s worth is higher than many of his peers from his footballing career because he was lavishly paid almost throughout his career and invested the money well too.

Owen received over £35 million in just his salaries from the clubs he played for. He also probably received extra incentives in the forms of signing-on fees when joining Real Madrid, Newcastle United, and Manchester United too – even though those remain undisclosed.

When it comes to his income from football punditry, that remains a bit unclear too. Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher reportedly receive over £1 million a year from Sky Sports for their punditry work.

While Owen probably doesn’t get that much from working as a pundit for multiple outlets, it’s safe to assume that he gets close to the £200,000-a-year – which Jermaine Jenas is rumored to receive from BBC for his work for Match of the Day.

Owen has been working as a TV pundit for over five years now, so it’s safe to assume that he’s probably received over £1 million for his punditry work. He also receives money for his columns for different websites, but those are unlikely to be as high as the TV horses one.

Owen has valuable personal assets too. His mansion is worth over £4 million. Owen is also an owner of three luxury cars which is worth almost £300,000. He’s also reportedly earned over £20,000 for Cameo Video appearances.

The Englishman reportedly has over 130 horses in his Manor House Stables. The worth of a racehorse raised by his stable can range from $100,000 to even $5 million! Owen also offers those who can’t afford his horses to take a 12-month membership to his ‘racing club’, which is around £ 95,000 a year.

It’s safe to assume that Owen’s horse-racing business is worth over £10 million because of how many horses he is breeding.

So if calculating his earnings and investments, Owen’s net worth should be over £50 million and it could only rise if he can keep investing smartly in the right things.