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Michael Owen produces godawful 17-word take on Champions League redraw

Michael Owen produces godawful 17-word take on Champions League redraw

Former England international Michael Owen had a glittering career as a player which saw him win even the elusive Ballon d’Or, but his punditry career since retirement hasn’t exactly fathomed the same heights as that of his skills on the pitch.

Notorious for being the maker of some bizarre statements, Owen received his fair share of trolling following another punditry debacle while covering the Champions League draw.

The ceremony to ascertain this season’s last-16 fixtures ran into a deep state of confusion before it was declared void, with a redraw in the offing.

Covering the event live for BT Sports, the former Liverpool striker seemed to have a hard time getting around the happenings, prompting him to suggest what was unmistakably obvious:

“Everyone is going to have a better or a worse draw unless you draw the same team.”

Owen’s goofy comment didn’t go unnoticed as fans were quick to jump in and mock the former striker on social media.

“It’s like Socrates reincarnated,” wrote one Reddit user sarcastically.

“Insightful as always, Mike,” was another fan’s comment on Twitter.

The punditry blunder is the latest in a series of amusing incidents that has garnered Owen with the designation of being one of the most useless pundits. 

His recent comment was even likened to the infamous quote he made some years ago while speaking about the issues plaguing Manchester City. Owen said, “When they don’t score, they hardly ever win.”

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