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The crazy turn of events as Chelsea fan books flight to Lille after the first draw

The crazy turn of events as Chelsea fan books flight to Lille after the first draw

The UEFA Champions League draw for the final 16 was abysmally conducted. Mired in controversy, the draw was declared void after being conducted entirely, due to the incorrect placement of Manchester United in the pot.

The initial draw featured some tasty ties, including a potential last dance between Ronaldo and Messi. Alas, it was not to be.

The only two teams who remained unaffected amidst the chaos were defending champions Chelsea and French champions Lille.

When the initial draw concluded, Chelsea fans rejoiced as they got a relatively easy tie, especially when compared to their other potential opponents.

The jubilation following the draw clearly led this fan to jump the gun, as they instantly booked their flights to France, all ready to support Tuchel’s Blues at the Stade Pierre Mauroy.

What followed, can be nightmarish if you’re in the driver’s seat or rather humorous if you’re a spectator.

The London-based Chelsea fan posted screenshots of his forthcoming journey to France, evidently enthused.

His happiness however was flipped on its head after the announcement of the redraw. The dejected Blue, adjudged himself to be cursed and soon announced that he had registered for a refund, such was their belief that the draw will go a different route.

Fortune favours the bold, not in this case sadly, as Chelsea and Lille remained the only fixture out of 8 ties to remain unaffected.

The final update to the saga features the supporter crestfallen and in complete disbelief at their luck.

Reactions to the tragedy were comedic, including some fans doubting the legitimacy of the tickets.

Stemming from the fact that the dates of the matches weren’t yet announced at the time the tickets were booked, it does seem like the incredible incident was indeed fabricated.

But we’re sure, somewhere in the world at least one supporter suffered a similar plight and in their honour let us all have a moment of silence.