Rumours of Duncan Ferguson leaving club sparks hilarious Twitter convo between Evertonians

Duncan Ferguson or Big Dunc, as he is endearingly referred to, was an Evertonian legend before hanging up his boots and becoming part of the coaching staff at Goodison since 2014.

Following the dismissal of Marco Silva in 2019, Ferguson was appointed as a caretaker manager for the Toffees before Carlo Ancelotti took over. And now with Rafa Benitez at the helm, Ferguson once again saw his role altered to that of assistant manager.

However, as things stand, Everton are going through a rough patch, having won only 8 matches out of 16 under the Spaniard. And fans are rightfully aggrieved, not just at the players but even the manager and his backroom staff.

That said, rumours soon abounded concerning Ferguson’s possible exit from the management, prompting social media users to weigh in on the matter, resulting in a hilarious exchange between two Everton fans on Twitter.

“‘Big Dunc’ gone?” wrote a Twitter user in no certain terms.

The user went on to reveal that the news was not officially confirmed yet, to which the other responded by saying in disbelief: 

Realizing his words had been misconstrued, the user suggested Ferguson wasn’t dead, only possibly on the verge of being sacked.

The oddity surrounding the exchange certainly did not go unnoticed and piqued the curiosity of the Twitterati, who were both amused and confused at the insinuation.

Reactions swarmed in, with a certain section of Everton fans believing the news about Ferguson’s departure only to be a rumour as of now.

On the off chance that Benitez loses his job, fans are of the opinion that Ferguson would be the unanimous choice for an interim role.