Exploring the origins of Joel Matip meme where his face is edited on Bilbo Baggins

Joel Matip continues to win the admiration of Reds fans on the back of his solid displays so far this season.

Forming a defensive pair with Virgil van Dijk, the Cameroonian international has helped his side keep 10 clean sheets in 16 games so far in the Premier League.

Aside from the number 32’s defensive prowess, another trait in his style of play has often been overlooked, not by Liverpool fans of course.

Matip is known for occasionally embarking upon barnstorming runs through opposition lines, before laying the ball off to a teammate.

This was on display during Liverpool’s game against Aston Villa, Matip left behind 6 players with relative ease.

Liverpool fans however will be quick to let you know that this is no rare occurrence.

Back in 2019, a Reddit user likened Matip’s offensive endeavours to Bilbo Baggins’ thirst for adventure.

And a meme was born.

The scene from The Hobbit which featured the dialogue “I’m going on an adventure!” was slightly edited and a new image was produced, replacing Martin Freeman’s head with that of Joel Matip.

Speaking on his motoring runs, Matip once said, “I’m a defender but I really enjoy to have the ball in all situations. We have the ball quite often and I try to help my teammates and try to do something for the team to create something.”