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The Possible New Joel Matip Chant Even Virgil Van Dijk Can’t Get Enough Of

The Possible New Joel Matip Chant Even Virgil Van Dijk Can’t Get Enough Of

The ultimate dream for any football player is to have his home crowd sing a chant dedicated to his name. 

Now, while Virgil van Dijk already has the Kop singing a chant based on the Dirty Old Town by the Pogues, he also wants his mate on the defence line, Joel Matip, to have a chant to his name. 

In a fresh video tweeted by Marc Kenny, a musician based out of Liverpool, and obviously, a Liverpool fan, he sings a fresh chant, that may or may not become popular at Anfield.

This chant is dedicated to the centre-back Matip and is based on the song Magic by Scottish pop rock group Pilot. 

While Kenny strums chords and sings the words, “Oh oh oh it’s Matip. You know… You better believe it is so….” van Dijk appears in the final seconds of the video to applaud the singer. 

With the pleasant surprise appearance in the video, van Dijk signs off with “What a song…” and a grin he simply can’t seem to wipe off his face.

The bromance and revelry between van Dijk and Matip are loved at Anfield and envied by many other players in the English Premier League

Having great chemistry between the final line of defence before the goalline is crucial to keeping the ball safe in the final third. 

The championing of a chant dedicated to Matip goes to show the depth and respect in the relationship the two centre-backs share with one another. 

Last year, van Dijk displayed his love for Matip by wearing a t-shirt that had Matip’s face printed on it

On several counts, the two teammates have defended and praised each other off the field. 

And now, this. 

The bromance truly is a fantasy for most players, and frankly, the internet loves that van Dijk and Matip are living it up. 

The possibility of the chant becoming popular is definitely high given that the tune to the original song is, indeed, very catchy. If the Kop does sing it, all credit to Marc Kenny for dedicating it to Joel Matip.