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Loving The Wacky Kapital Jeans Jules Kounde Wore To France Camp? Here’s What It Costs

Loving The Wacky Kapital Jeans Jules Kounde Wore To France Camp? Here’s What It Costs

With the Qatar World Cup now under a week away, the attention of the entire football community is now on the prominent footballers that will participate in it.

The fans of the participating teams are all anticipating a thrilling tournament and for their favoured national sides to lift the golden trophy aloft on December 18.

As the attention has completely shifted from the domestic football season to the footballing bonanza about to take place in Qatar, the media have also shifted their focus on the participants.

The media of the respective countries have hundreds and thousands of journalists following every movement of the players and photographers ready to click their reactions.

This involves taking pictures of the major footballers as they drive into the final few training sessions before the World Cup. Well, France defender Jules Kounde definitely gave the paparazzi something to play with after turning up to training with a very interesting get-up.

Normally, players do love to make a style statement by wearing fashionable attires to training. Sometimes, their outfits are sponsored by well-known brands who want to promote themselves.

Footballers normally love wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a jeans and sweatshirt combination to training sessions, where they then change into something more comfortable.

But Kounde decided to get himself to trend on social media by turning up to Les Bleues’ training ground wearing very unique jeans. The Barcelona defender wore printed blue jeans with many interesting shapes designed all over them.

Indeed, unique shapes of maroon, and brown shapes and some drawings are also scribbled in. It’s since been revealed that Kounde was actually wearing Kapital jeans and their slim-fit embellished version of the attire.

Kapital, a Japanese denim jeans brand that was founded in 1985, describes this version of the jeans as: “KAPITAL looks to traditional Americana for inspiration when designing its best-selling jeans. Cut for a slim-straight fit, this unique ‘Hippie Insane Remake’ style is made from 14oz denim and embellished with colourful suede, velvet and corduroy patches in a style reminiscent of heritage quilting.”

The jeans are priced at a whopping $2,370 – but that isn’t really much for the Barcelona centre-back.

Kounde wasn’t just pleased with wearing those wacky jeans but also paired them up with a dinosaur figure attached to his attire as well.

The Frenchman finished his look by wearing Converse shoes as well as a black bomber jacket. The centre-back has had this knack of trying to be a fashion icon by wearing outlandish clothing and changing up his hairstyle multiple times.

He initially sported an afro look during his Sevilla days but has changed his hairstyle since joining Barcelona.

He now has a short back brush look and is always trying to redefine his looks as well.

The French defender has confused fans with this bizarre outfit, but knowing how carefree he is, Kounde is likely to continue influencing the younger generation with his weird attires.