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Simone Inzaghi turned into meme after slipping down stairs at San Siro

Simone Inzaghi turned into meme after slipping down stairs at San Siro

Inter Milan’s 4-0 thumping of relegation candidate Cagliari was business as usual for the Nerazzurri. The empathic win took them to the top of the Serie A table, overtaking arch-rivals AC Milan.

What wasn’t usual, however, was manager Simone Inzaghi’s walk back into the San Siro tunnel.

After the final whistle, Inzaghi along with one of his assistants began their descent down the stairs. Unfortunately for the Italian, the chilly weather conditions had clearly taken a toll on the steps. Due to which he proceeded to lose his footing on the wet stairs and went sliding down in freefalling fashion.

To his credit, the Italian got back up on his feet instantly and brushed off the incident.

Alas, it was too late, fans had already captured the moment and a brand new meme took birth.

The first of possibly numerous memes centres around the UCL redraw, which saw Inter initially draw Ajax only to discover that they’ll be facing Liverpool instead.

If Inter were to hypothetically, lose their next few league fixtures and ‘slip’ down the table, you can bet on the clip making a return.

All this is perhaps a tad harsh on the Italian who was merely looking to make his way down some stairs, but that’s just how the internet works.

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