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Why This Photo Of Workington Fans Battling the Elements Is So Inspiring

Why This Photo Of Workington Fans Battling the Elements Is So Inspiring

Contrary to popular belief, the passion for football in England does not just revolve around the Premier League or Championship clubs.

Granted that the Premier League is the most-watched league around the country and one with the most ‘attractive’ teams, but the charm of local football is still running strongly in the country.

When it comes to professional football, there are four leagues in England. Beyond that, there are four more divisions, but these are not considered professional leagues because they are not affiliated with the EFL (English Football League).

Just because teams are not ‘professional’ doesn’t mean that they don’t have fans. Indeed, a lot of attention is put to ensure that the heritage around non-league football is in place.

This is why 3 PM-kickoff matches in England are not all televised so that more people are encouraged to attend the matches of smaller teams across other divisions.

While the non-league teams have a much smaller fanbase than those above them, they definitely have some die-hard supporters in the group. These supporters are mostly people living in the region where the clubs are based.

That helps the fans get a sense of affiliation and bond with the clubs that represent their town or area.

One such non-league club, Workington AFC – a club from Cumbria (a county in North West England), which is currently playing in the Northern Premier League Division One  – seems to have some really special supporters.

The team playing in the eighth division of English football can host up to around 3,101 fans at Borough Park, which is their home ground. Their games get decent attendance despite the two of Workington having a population of just over 25,000.

Amid the relentless cold wave in England, many non-league teams are finding it hard the maintenance of their grounds due to heavy winter rains. The conditions for the players are really difficult, but for the fans, it’s equally bad.

A stunning picture from Workington’s recent-most game – a 3-3 draw against Prescot Cables on Saturday – has shown the dire conditions on the ground.

The picture shows a fan watching the game from the stands with their child, all the while holding an umbrella to protect them from the relentless rain.

They don’t have any cushioned seats to sit in, having to stand on a concrete stand to watch.

Conditions like this make it hard for supporters of such lowly clubs to attend games, but these die-hard fans fought against the storm to cheer on their players.

This inspiring picture is getting a lot of praise on Twitter, with fans praising the two for keeping the beauty of the game alive and some hailing it as ‘proper football’ for such devotion to a lower-division club.

In more than one way, this picture is perhaps the best way to sum up what non-league football is all about.

The football isn’t the prettiest, and the conditions can be rough for anyone, but it’s the unbridled support from the few devoted ones that help add magic to the matches.