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Bruno Guimaraes Makes Hilarious Reference to Newcastle Fans with NUFC Tattoo on Their Bellies

Bruno Guimaraes Makes Hilarious Reference to Newcastle Fans with NUFC Tattoo on Their Bellies

Newcastle United’s Brazilian midfielder Bruno Guimaraes, who is currently enjoying his time off from football back at home in Brazil is back in the spotlight, thanks to a hilarious tweet.

The 25-year-old, who played an instrumental role in the Magpies’ finishing fourth in the Premier League and thereby earning a Champions League slot next season made a hilarious reference to Newcastle Fans with the club tattoo on their bellies during a podcast interview back home in Brazil.

Having played in leagues in Brazil, France and now England, Guimaraes, in a sarcastic tweet meant to say that the top tier of English football was the best when it comes to passion for the game and fans’ support.

“There’s a fat guy there who even has a NUFC tattoo on his belly, it’s too good. Brazil is the country of football, but the English also live a lot for football bro, they’re crazy,” said the Brazilian, having seen perhaps a number of bare-bodied big-bellied Newcastle fans having the club logo as tattoo on their bellies.

“I played in France and no it doesn’t even compare to what football is like in England, damn I fell in love with it,” added Guimaraes.

Attention seeker

It was only recently the Brazilian midfield marshall send the Twitterati into splits with a 9 second video, where he sang the magic hat song.

That was more for getting the ‘FOMO” – fear of missing out — fixed as Newcastle’s new signing Sandro Tonali had initially grabbed eyeballs with an arrival video on his Instagram account which had a featuring a background score of Tyneside-born singer Sam Fender’s chartbuster Getting Started.

Staying in limelight

Back home in Brazil, he has been giving interviews to local media and his one-and-a-half hour Charla Podcast show has become huge hit in which he named named the team he hates playing against – which unsurprisingly was Manchester City only.

City had a phenomenal season, accomplishing a dream treble, comprising the Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League.

“We know Man City is a step above all teams in England, with all due respect,” he said.

“It’s the worst when we play there, I hate it. It feels like we’re children and they’re professionals. Horrible. It feels like they’re playing with 15, and we’re playing with seven.

“You look and say, ‘Wow, there are so many blue guys.’ It’s unbelievable. And they’re all crazy good. Sometimes we talk, the coach asks: ‘Press the right side, the left side…’

“Against Manchester City, how do you play?! You go out there and let them score right away… It’s very difficult, there are so many good players,” he said in the interview.

One thing is clear from all these. Even during off-season, players do want to stay in limelight and if they can’t do it on the football pitch, then they opt for other mediums like social media to do it.