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Look: Toni Kroos Adds Another Family Member to His Tattoo Collection

Look: Toni Kroos Adds Another Family Member to His Tattoo Collection

Toni Kroos embodies elegance and oozes class on the pitch. His technique and ability are a style in itself, defining a profile of players and leading them such as Gundogan and Fabian Ruiz, whilst inspiring the next generation of talents. A true showman in his ways and a master of his craft, Toni Kroos is an artist.

However, this artist oozes aura off the pitch too. A handsome German with silky smooth blonde deck of hair, perfect teeth, spotless skin and a beautiful set of blue coloured eyes, Kroos is also regarded as one of the most impressionable and attractive footballers there are. These natural and god-gifted aesthetics complement the most dominant component of his style and personality perfectly, his glorious tattoos (his boots are a close second).

Like his long-ranger shots, his tattoos are absolute bangers. All hits, no misses. Kroos is included in the same breath as Leo Messi when it comes down to legendary players having legendary tattoos. The face of his daughter along with her name, Amelie, and birthday inked on the inside of his right arm is nothing less than cool and a representative example of Kroos’ stunning tattoo collection adorned by his arms.

Toni Kroos has a tattoo of his daughter's face on his hands
Toni Kroos has a tattoo of his daughter’s face on his hands

He has a similar tattoo for his son, Leon which spans across his left forearm. Kroos even pays tribute to his wife, Jessica, and brother Felix through the intimate form of ink. The design and the idea behind his tattoos are classy with a personal touch having immaculate detailing as well.

His new one is no different. A new patch, inked on the outside of his right forearm looks another cool piece of art indeed. A video dropped on TikTok by his tattoo artist, shows the progress of this newly inked tattoo, with Kroos, quite literally, smiling through the pain barrier.

The design and the idea and inspiration behind it is still unclear, through the images circulating Twitter, it seems like it’s a face of a dog inked on Toni Kroos’ arms. Well, not just any dog, it is the newest addition to the Kroos family.

Kroos adopted the pet a little over eight months ago and revealed it to the world via his brother’s podcast through Cope, a popular Spanish sport publication whilst also hinting about the arrival of some ‘turtles’ soon. Whether it happens this summer or not, only time will tell.

While it will take some Instagram posts and reels on the side of Kroos to get to know more about this piece of art, Real Madrid fans are finding it cool and can’t get enough of it.

According to the images, while Kroos looks really happy with the choice he made for the tattoo, he clearly doesn’t seem to have had enough of it. As some spaces remain vacant on his arms, there clearly is scope for some more. Who knows what could it be. But a record-breaking sixth Champions League title, or a triumphant European campaign at home with Germany in the summer could certainly influence and play a starring role in the making of his next tattoo.