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Toni Kroos roasts David Alaba for wearing grandpa shoes

Toni Kroos roasts David Alaba for wearing grandpa shoes

After last season’s blushes, Real Madrid under Carlo Ancelotti have a real sense of reinvigoration about them. 

They currently lead the La Liga table with a 6 point lead over second-place Sevilla. 

Aside from positive performances, Ancelotti’s regime has also imparted a certain togetherness in the dressing room. 

We’ve seen many examples of Madrid players poking friendly fun at each other, the latest example involving former Bayern Munich teammates Toni Kroos and David Alaba. 

Alaba opted to make the switch to Madrid last year, a move that seems to be paying out for both parties. 

Still at the peak of his powers, the Austrian has put in consistent performances for Los Blancos so far this season, the gap left by Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane seems to have been seamlessly filled. 

When Alaba isn’t defending on the pitch, he’s rocking off the wall fashion accessories fit for a model. 

The 29-year-old has curated his own fashion line and even has his own headwear accessories company. 

However, considering the distinctive nature of his fashion sense, it certainly isn’t for everyone and in this case, it was his teammate Toni Kroos. 

Alaba posted a picture on Instagram wearing an almost leisurewear-like fashion fit finished with loafers to match to which many of his teammates responded positively. 

On the other hand, Kroos opted to poke a bit of fun and wrote, “Return the slippers to my Grandfather immediately”.

It’s always great to see friendly banter between teammates.