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WATCH: Leo Hazard and Leon Kroos recreate famous David Alaba chair celebration

WATCH: Leo Hazard and Leon Kroos recreate famous David Alaba chair celebration

Real Madrid completed one of the greatest Champions League comebacks against Paris Saint-Germain in the second leg of the quarterfinals.

The Spanish club were 2-0 down till the 60th minute when Karim Benzema decided to take matters into his own hands and score a hattrick to give his team the advantage. When the third goal went in fans and players went crazy.

David Alaba in particular caught the attention of many. The Austrian centre-back could be seen wildly celebrating by holding a chair aloft in the air. It is a moment which has been memed and shared ever since.

When the Los Blancos won the La Liga and Champions League titles, Alaba once again brought out the now-famous chair celebration. And it seems, this celebration is catching on with other people in the Los Blancos family.

Not only players but even their children can be seen engaging in similar antics. In a wholesome clip, Eden Hazard and Toni Kroos’ sons, 9-years-old Leo and 8-years-old Leon respectively, can be seen replicating the chair celebration, with the entire stadium cheering them on.

Other snippets from the team’s celebrations show that the two lads were also present inside the locker room, relishing the victory along with the players. The two are more or less part of the squad now.

2021/2022 has been an amazing season for everyone related to the club. While the club have missed out on Kylian Mbappe, they do not lack the talent to replicate the success they have seen this year.

In the more distant future, perhaps fans may get to see the two boys play for the team like their fathers have. If they replicate their success, who knows we may see “The Chair” once more!