Twitter Reacts To QPR Fan Asking About His Wife’s Alleged Affair At Norwich

Imagine trekking all the way to Carrow Road to cheer on the QPR, only for the game to finish a 0-0 draw, all while some bloke is busy nicking your wife in the concourse.

Now imagine hopping on to the hooligan-infested platform known as Football Twitter in an attempt to find out about the bloke in question.

For those unfamiliar with the ways of FT, these are the precise ingredients of an absolute troll fest.

Sadly, this QPR supporter didn’t know any better, as he took to the ‘Bird app’ and tweeted out an honest summary of events.

The tweet read, ‘To any QPR fans that saw my missus kiss some 6ft 18 year old lad tonight away at Norwich at HT. Any information would be heavily appreciated’.

True story.

The fan then went on to tag his wife, before adding ‘had multiple sources confirm.’

Fabrizio Romano and David Ornstein are on the scene as always eh?

User @will_pound (make of that what you will), popped up on the scene the following day, and asked the club for CCTV footage ‘for a mate’.

FT soon connected the dots and pieced together the tale, and the meme barrage that followed will leave you in stitches.

You have your standard templates, Jeff Stelling empathically enquiring Chris Kamara for an update or the ultra-bizarre buffoonery captured in this infamous clip outside Carrow Road.

Then we have the more on-the-nose efforts, you know your ‘scoreless on-the-field, 1-0 off it’ and such.

There’s also this image of a smug-looking Jay Cartwright (of The Inbetweeners) with the caption – ‘Norwich (A)? completed it mate.’

Can he do it on a cold wet night in Stoke though?

Anyways, enlisting football fans for help is usually a bad idea, especially when your story is just so woefully meme-worthy.

Hopes of actually gathering valuable information were honestly unfounded from the beginning, after all, the exact description provided is ‘some 6ft 18 year old’.

Make it ‘6ft 18’ and we’re in business.

So what have we learned from this tale of betrayal and treachery at Norwich City?

Maybe keep the missus at home for Away days or at least within eyeshot for one.

And always keep an eye out for this 18-year-old rascal when you’re down at Carrow Road, he’s as lethal as Teemu Pukki.