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Gareth Bale And Alex Morgan Join Star-Studded TMRW Sports Venture

Gareth Bale And Alex Morgan Join Star-Studded TMRW Sports Venture

With society seemingly revolving around tech, various businesses and industries are pursuing ways to modernize their respective ventures.

The World of Sports isn’t lacking far behind, numerous leagues and associations across the globe are attempting to infuse technology into their sport, with the aim of broadening its appeal.

Sharing similar ambitions comes a new startup by the name of TMRW Sports, and it has already received some high-profile backing.

Co-founded by Golf icons Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy, the joint venture will focus on building progressive approaches to sports by leveraging modern technology.

The startup has mustered up an incredible team of investors, ranging from Music Heavyweights to F1 Drivers.

Its list of investors includes Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris, Justin Timberlake, Andy Murray, Serena Williams, Stephen Cutty, Chris Paul, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Shohei Ohtani among others.

The lineup is evidently a powerhouse, and collectively, the group wield immense influence over World Sport. The avenues covered here include Tennis, NHL, MLB, NBA, E-Sports and many others.

The diverse group of individuals also feature a few famous Footballers.

From the World of Footy we have Liga MX star Jozy Altidore, the Football power couple of Servando Carrasco and USWNT legend Alex Morgan, and finally Gareth Bale.

The Welsh Superstar, who’s currently plying his trade for LAFC, brings a heavy dose of calibre to the sub-group.

Being a Real Madrid icon and 5 time UCL winner, his profile is a noteworthy addition to the venture.

Speaking on the criteria of investors, TMRW Sports CEO Mike McCarley stated 

“We wanted a group of people who have a vision for how technology can help make sports more accessible and culturally relevant and attract new and different groups of fans and that’s ultimately younger fans and families.”

The venture has already announced its first project, namely the TGL Golf league in partnership with the PGA Tour.

The move has been viewed as an attempt to make Golf more attractive to younger audiences and to rival Saudi-backed LIV Golf.