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Look: Kim Kardashian Steps Out In LA Wearing Retro AS Roma Kit 

Look: Kim Kardashian Steps Out In LA Wearing Retro AS Roma Kit 

With modern-day mainstream culture transfixed on recapturing the magic of past eras, vintage clothing has undergone a quiet resurgence. 

Naturally, that effect has butterflied its way into Football as well, and as a result, retro kits have turned into prime fashion apparel. 

Even sportswear brands are pivoting to retro remakes while designing new kits for clubs, such is the demand from fans and the general appeal of the idea. 

Football kits from the 80s, 90s and even the early 2000s were unafraid of taking risks, they featured bold designs often leaning into the absurd, accompanied by bespoke typefaces. 

As the decades have rolled by, these kits have turned into collector’s items, and aside from being in vogue, they convey a sense of heritage and class. 

This makes it unsurprising to see celebrities get in on the trend as well, and we’re talking about individuals who probably lack an ounce of knowledge about the club they’re proudly displaying.

Take hip-hop superstar Drake for example, who seems to have a strong affinity for retro Napoli kits. 

From an 87’ Macron jumper to a Maradona-era jacket, Drake certainly has a thing for the Gli Azzurri, and long may it continue. 

Nonetheless, another celeb who looks to be getting in on the trend is, to everyone’s surprise, Kim Kardashian.

Socialite and star of the reality show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, Kim was spotted sporting a retro AS Roma top from the 97/98 season. 

While her newfound apparel choices are puzzling, she certainly picked out an absolute classic, to begin with.

Drizzled in Giallorossi culture the kit is a feast for the eyes, featuring a stunning graphic of the Coliseum at the centre.

Red is the predominant colour, accompanied by a mellow gold shade for the side panels and collar.

Naturally, it also features logos and typefaces from the period, including the logo of Italian sportswear brand Diadora, former sponsors INA Assitalia, and a neat AS Roma lettering near the bottom.

Present on the sleeves is the club’s iconic emblem, The Lupetto, adding even more flavour to the kit.

The primary design actually featured on all of Roma’s strips that season, with only the colourways, altered.

While the kit isn’t as iconic as the Scudetto-winning 00/01 shirt, it still holds a special place in Roman hearts, as the 97/98 season saw the rise of ‘The Golden boy’ himself, Francesco Totti. 

Seeing the shirt in all its glory certainly brought some joy to fans online, who began wondering about how they could get one for themselves. 

Finding it in mint quality is a tall order, fortunately, replicas of the design are available at various online stores. 

Now to address the elephant in the room, is Kim Kardashian a Roma fan? No, probably not.

But she’s certainly a fan of Roma’s style, well at least her designer is.