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Look: Drake Rocks Maradona Era Napoli Track Jacket

Look: Drake Rocks Maradona Era Napoli Track Jacket

With football apparel steadily etching itself into the fashion vogue, spotting people wearing footy tops is pretty common nowadays.

Even the celebs have taken note, and popular figures often take to rate retro kits to get their vintage fix.

A recent instance comes in the form of superstar rapper Aubrey Graham, better known as Drake.

In a recent Instagram post, the artist shared a series of images, including one which displayed him sporting an old-school Napoli track jacket.

Before fans of the Gli Azzurri get excited, we must point out that Drake is a chameleon when it comes to football, and his apparel choices really say nothing about where his loyalties lie.

That said, the jacket looked stunning.

The ‘6 God’ opted for the 1987-88 season jacket, authentic pieces of which are rare in quantity.

Bearing a strong connection to the Diego Maradona era in Naples and all the retro insignia you’d expect, the jacket is simply a looker.

Created by Ennerre, the jacket features the initials NR for Nicola Raccuglia, the founder of the brand.

Sitting beneath the NR logo is the old-school club crest, with the ‘Napoli’ lettering present beside it.

The logo of former sponsors Buitoni is also present in all its glory, zapping us back in time to the famed ‘pasta derbies‘ of the 1990s.

Considering the decades that have passed since its inception, it’s remarkable how the jacket looks just as fresh as it did before.

And Drake sporting it on is perhaps the greatest testament to its timeless design.

While the Napoli faithful were delighted to see the crossover, some fans had their reservations, and it all had to do with the ‘Drake Curse‘.

The Partenopei currently lead the race for the Scudetto, and if a downfall follows after the World Cup, there will be a fair case to chalk it up as another victim of the infamous curse.