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Leaked Image: Spurs to go with retro Nike logo for third kit?

Leaked Image: Spurs to go with retro Nike logo for third kit?

A leak of the Tottenham Hotspur third kit for the season ahead has been making waves online.

The jersey is a blend of the 1990’s design and it features the classic retro Nike logo.

The shirt also features a retro collar, something that is reportedly planned with other Nike third kits as well.

The colour looks to be a highlighter blue whereas the sponsorship, logo and collar don a darker shade of blue.

The leak confirms and follows the trend that Nike hope to set this year with planned retro kits for all their top clubs such as Barcelona, Spurs, PSG, Chelsea, Inter, Roma and Atletico Madrid.

Nothing has been confirmed yet but Nike or Tottenham Hotspur but how good would that retro kit look on the lads!

Nike’s idea of incorporating the 90’s blend is spot on and gives a new refreshing feel to the third kit game.

The highlighter/bright blue is one that is hardly prevalent in today’s game and it really stands out from the rest!

A section of the fans seem to adore the jersey whereas some play the waiting game and will see the kit upon release and draw their conclusions. Nonetheless, a brilliant initiative by Nike and hopefully a successful one.

Check out the photo below –

Tottenham Hotspur 3rd kit for 2019/20 with retro Nike logo
Via Twitter