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Is the SPQR Logo on 23/24 AS Roma Kits Here to Stay or Make Way for New Sponsors?

Is the SPQR Logo on 23/24 AS Roma Kits Here to Stay or Make Way for New Sponsors?

Every football club has an identity, a style of play, a philosophy that makes it unique from other clubs. There are certain things that remind the players and the fans about a club’s history and mentality.

These are the club anthem, the stadium, the trophy cabinet and the kits. While on the football pitch the players of a club unite for a common goal with a common mindset.

The colours they wear not only distinguish them from their opponents but they also drive them to bring glory to the club through their football. A jersey also unites the players with the fans who feel a sense of connection to the club.

The SPQR logo

Speaking of fans and club history, Serie A football club AS Roma is one such club which draws inspiration from its past.

Recently AS Roma started wearing the SPQR logo on their jersey again.

Previously, Roma had this logo on their jersey at the end of the 2022-2023 season after their contract with DigitalBits was terminated. In the 2023-2024 pre-season, the players wore a shirt with no logo on it.

What the logo means

The AS Roma SPQR kit is one that the Italian club wears to celebrate its connection to The Eternal City Rome and it’s ancient history.

SPQR stands for “Senatus Populusque Romanus”. It means “the Senate and People of Rome” in the Latin language.

The phrase represented the state of Rome and its citizens from the time of the Roman republic and empire.

This acronym can be found on coins and monuments in Rome even to this day.

The SPQR kit has a dark red colour with gold details and has been inspired by the bronze armour and red tunics of the Roman soldiers.

It also bears a round crest and the words “Sons of Rome” on its collar. The kit was initially worn in 2017 in a derby against city rivals Lazio.

It was used again in 2020 and 2023 for big fixtures such as the final of the European League against Sevilla.

The kit is not just a design but a mark of pride and identity for the players and fans of the club. It harks back to the rich culture of the city.

Who is the current sponsor of AS Roma?

AS Roma decided to drop the DigitalBits logo after the blockchain company failed to make a payment scheduled on 31 March 2023.

AS Roma gained interest from various brands wanting to be a part of the history of the club and its fanbase. Potential sponsors included big names from telecommunications, lifestyle, technology and the automotive industries.

However, thirty years after last supplying the AS Roma kits Adidas has come up with the new SPQR jersey inspired by the 1992-93 season in which the club reached new heights.

Just like AS Roma’s vintage 1993 kits the SPQR kit is a collector’s item.

As the situation stands, AS Roma are looking for potential shirt sponsors.

Club owner Dan Friedkin has ties with the Japanese vehicle manufacturer Toyota which according to Italian business and football website Calcio e Finanza, might become the club’s shirt sponsor in the future.