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Jackass star Johnny Knoxville reveals why he watches Arsenal

Jackass star Johnny Knoxville reveals why he watches Arsenal

Idris Elba, JAY-Z, Matt Damon, Mick Jagger. What do these stars have in common? 

They’re all fellow Gooners. 

S-tier celebs and their Arsenal fandom is no rare sight, as a plethora of famous personalities are admittedly Gunners fans. 

The London-based heavyweights are certainly a popular club and it looks like they might have raked up another star as a supporter. 

The potential fan is none other than actor, stunt performer, filmmaker and former WWE wrestler, Johnny Knoxville. 

The actor earned fame on the back of his role as Irving Zisman in MTV’s popular reality stunt show Jackass. 

The Hollywood star spoke of Arsenal and his interest in the club during JaackMaate’s Happy Hour podcast, “My friend Matt Lucas loves Arsenal, he LOVES Arsenal, so sometimes I’ll check & see what Arsenal is doing”. 

He mentions Matt Lucas, the English-German actor who is an avid Arsenal supporter and has visited the Emirates on multiple occasions. 

The pair worked together on the film ‘Small Apartments’ and have been friends since. 

And going by Knoxville’s words, it seems that Lucas’s Fandom is certainly rubbing off on him. 

Fans responded to the news by stating that perhaps his tolerance of pain might be the reason for his support.

After all, being an Arsenal fan, especially recently, can be a painful affair.