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Loving the Casablanca Shirt and Off-White Glasses Gerard Pique Wore in Madrid? Here’s What It Costs

Loving the Casablanca Shirt and Off-White Glasses Gerard Pique Wore in Madrid? Here’s What It Costs

Gerard Pique has always tried to come off as a ‘fashion icon’ with his stylish appearance but seems to be going over the top with his newest public look. Ever since retiring from football and leaving Barcelona last year, the Spaniard has often been in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

He was involved in a very ugly public breakup with Shakira last year. This happened after the pop icon found him cheating on her with a much younger girl, who is now his newest girlfriend. Pique refused to attend Barcelona’s La Liga title celebrations despite being invited to it, probably because of his tensions with President Joan Laporta.

What is Gerard Pique doing after retirement?

As the former Spain international plots to become Barca president in the near future, he’s currently just enjoying post-retirement life by doing stuff he couldn’t in his playing career. That involves making attending some popular public events and being quite close to Twitch streamer Ibai Llanos.

Indeed, Pique appears to be besties with Ibai and often appeared on his Twitch channel – which boasts over 15 million subs. Ibai has become so popular that he’s now hosting his own personal events. Being inspired by influencers like KSI, Ibai created La Velada del año – a boxing event that pits content creators, Twitch streamers and celebrities against each other.

Gerard Pique’s bizarre attire for boxing event

In the latest edition of this event, Pique was a special guest and appeared to promote it. What he wore to the boxing event, however, has earned a lot of eyes. The Spaniard attended the event wearing a real eye-popping silk shirt. He wore a blue shirt with yellow gradient patterns all over it, creating a real eyesore.

Moreover, the ex-Barca defender also decided to top it off with dark blue Off-White sunglasses in an attempt to make himself look cool. What is perhaps the most shocking thing is that this attire was a shocking expensive one too.

The shirt he is wearing is from the French-Moroccan brand Casablanca and is worth a whopping €795 ($863). The price of the Off-White Volcanite Blue glasses? €390 ($423). That basically means that Pique wore attire worth well over $1250 to the boxing event, which was watched by millions of viewers on Twitch.

Compared to Lewis Hamilton

Some fans reckon that the former Spanish defender might be trying to imitate F1 icon Lewis Hamilton with his look. The multi-time F1 world champion has made a number of public appearances in the past where he’s worn similar designer shirts.

Hamilton is reportedly dating Shakira and the two were even seen together at an F1 event earlier this year. It appears that Pique might be trying to mock the racing legend or trying to take a dig at his ex-girlfriend for going from dating him to picking Hamilton.

At this point, it appears that Pique is more than satisfied with living his life outside football and being limited to making public appearances on such events or Twitch streams. He has hinted at a desire to become Barcelona president, but with that not being possible anytime soon either, the 36-year-old seems to be fine with wasting his money on such outlandish attires.