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Barca defender Gerard Pique shocks Twitter by cheating on Shakira

Barca defender Gerard Pique shocks Twitter by cheating on Shakira

Wives and girlfriends (WAGS) have been long on the radar of Football Paparazzi. Every ups and down of the better halves of the football players are looked at with a microscopic effect. The partners of the players become a public figures and their privacy exists only in fiction. 

And sometimes, the wives/girlfriends are a bigger world figure than their significant halves, who garner every ounce of sympathy when they are wronged by their partner. This time it’s Shakira who seems to be in the middle after reports of Gerard Pique cheating on her surfaced on the internet.

A worldwide popular singing and dancing sensation, Shakira is adored by everyone who just can’t seem to get enough of her. But her partner, the Barcelona revered centre-back, Pique seems to have done the unforgivable and is receiving some serious flak from everyone out there. 

Apparently, Shakira has recently caught Pique, who was engaged with another woman for quite some time and although there has been no confirmation from either party regarding a split or separation, it is hard to paint a clear picture. 

But this was enough to get the fans on the bandwagon of trolling Pique, whose recent form at the club level is also on the decline. After scouring the internet for dirt on Pique, many fans have led to a discovery that Barcelona’s defender has been partying out late with his Riqui Puig and company and is usually accompanied by an unknown woman on these nights outs. This discovery has also led to a revelation that Pique was seen entering and leaving an apartment that doesn’t belong to him.

All this has made every man and woman furious on Twitter who just can’t seem to get on terms that a woman like Shakira can be cheated on. 

Pique caught Shakira’s eyes at the 2010 FIFA World Cup and despite a significant age difference between the two, the duo started dating each other.  

Once a power couple who featured on Forbes is now dwindling from each other. One can only hope that Pique rights all his wrongs and comes to his senses, but for that, he will have to move mountains if the rumours turn out to be true.

The Twitterverse has been rampant and fuming at Pique’s adulterous moment. And keeping that in mind, no one seems to be kind. Have a look.