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AFTV member Mr DT has been sacked by the football club he created

AFTV member Mr DT has been sacked by the football club he created

The many personalities that rose to stardom after appearances on AFTV have become household names at this point.

Among them is a rather infamous one, namely Liam Goodenough also known at DT.

Popular for his passionate and explicit rants surrounding his beloved Arsenal, Liam ventured into the footballing world and set up his own club, DTFC.

However, in the past few days, the status quo has been altered and DTFC have announced that they are no longer associated with their founder.

The announcement came after a court handed Liam a 3-year prison sentence for multiple charges.

DT was found guilty of committing heinous crimes on his ex-partner, such as kidnapping, assault, stalking among others.

The notoriety he gained is something any organisation would want to distance itself from.

The Essex Alliance League club thought so too and released a statement on their Twitter account confirming their stance.

According to the statement, the club has officially parted ways with DT and are also making managerial changes.

They confirmed that they will be under new ownership from now, and the deal is all but done aside from a few legalities.

Naturally, the club will also see a name change and will drop the ‘DT’ branding.

Liam on the other hand released a final statement before serving his sentence, offering apologies and bidding goodbye.