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After Helping Create ‘Vini Jr Law’ in Rio De Janeiro, Vinicius Sparks Rumors of Dating OnlyFans Model Key Alves

After Helping Create ‘Vini Jr Law’ in Rio De Janeiro, Vinicius Sparks Rumors of Dating OnlyFans Model Key Alves

Football fans are buzzing with speculation as they believe Real Madrid star Vinicius Jr. is romantically involved with Brazilian volleyball player and OnlyFans model Key Alves. 

Vinicius Jr. made a trip to Rio de Janeiro recently, following the approval of the “Vini Jr. law,” which ensures that sporting events can be suspended or cancelled entirely if athletes experience racial abuse. During a ceremony at the iconic Maracana stadium, the 22-year-old expressed his gratitude and surprise at the recognition he has received. 

Having faced repeated racial abuse in La Liga, Real Madrid star Vinicius Jr. humbly shared, “Sometimes I wonder if I deserve so much. I didn’t expect so many awards and to receive all this affection at the Maracana, where I attended and played so many Flamengo matches.”

The rumours about Vinicius Jr. and Key Alves started on the same day when they posted Instagram stories from what appeared to be the same hotel room in Sao Paulo.

Although there are no pictures of them together, keen-eyed followers of their social media accounts noticed some intriguing clues that suggest they may have spent a night together.

 Vinicius Jr shared a selfie of himself inside a lavish walk-in wardrobe at the luxury hotel. The photo revealed a distinctive green umbrella and a pricey Louis Vuitton suitcase worth £2,500.

Shortly after, Alves posted a similar selfie in a walk-in closet that looked identical to the one Vinicius Jr. had been in.

What caught the attention of fans was the presence of the same green umbrella in both of their stories. It seemed to be hanging on the wall in both Vinicius Jr.’s and Alves’ pictures, sparking speculation that they were in the same room.

Alves, who gained fame through her accomplishments in volleyball and her alluring social media posts, has amassed a staggering 11.9 million followers on Instagram. 

Some of her admirers have even subscribed to her OnlyFans account, which she claims earns her around “50 times” more than her volleyball career. 

These intriguing aspects of Alves’ life add to the fascination surrounding the potential relationship between Vinicius Jr. and the multifaceted model remains a mystery, fans are eagerly keeping an eye on Vinicius Jr.’s and Alves’ social media accounts for further hints and updates. Whether it’s a genuine romance or merely a coincidental encounter

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