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PL Rivals Put Newcastle United in New ‘Big 7’ Category But Wolves Get Demoted

PL Rivals Put Newcastle United in New ‘Big 7’ Category But Wolves Get Demoted

Newcastle United have got a fresh lease of life in the Premier League, especially after the takeover by a consortium led by the Saudi Arabian royal family.

The team invested in a lot of new players, got a new aggressive coach in Eddie Howe, and earned a top-four finish in Premier League, by virtue of which, they will be returning to UEFA Champions League.

And as the new season starts in a month’s time, they have been listed as one of the seven ‘big boys’ in a new shake-up in the top tier of English football.

What theoretically it means is that prices of tickets for the Premier League matches will be more for the non-season ticket holders when compared with the other 13 opponents.

The new big boys or big 7s in Premier League comprises champions Manchester City, runners-up Arsenal, Manchester United, Newcastle, Liverpool Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

With the Saudi-led Public Investment Fund (PIF), shoring up the finance of the once struggling club, the club has gone places and being drawn in category A at AFC Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium when it comes to ticket pricing for the next season is an achievement in itself for the Magpies.

“The Big 7. Sounds like a movie with Eddie Howe as the lead,” tweeted one excited fan while sceptics were there as usual, “Higher price for tickets,” as this tweet revealed.

Many consider the Big 7 as a sign of things to come in future.

“We’re gonna be up there from now on so media/pundits are gonna have to start to accept it. It may seem “small-time” but it’s actually pretty significant. Newcastle United. Part of the “Big 7”. HAVE IT!!!,” tweeted a Newcastle fan-based handle.

A big shock in the latest categorisation is that Wolverhampton Wanderers are pitted in Group C while Nottingham Forest are in Group B.

“Feel sorry for Wolves catching a stray there for some reason,” tweeted a crestfallen Wolves fan.

A tweet from a certain JJ Charlton put things into perspective

“Basically they’ve classed us as one of the ‘big boys.’ And they expect will more demand for our fixture than previously.”

There is anxiety and apprehension among many that the new order in Premier League will keep the bookies busy.

“Big 7 is real deal. Starting to feel that way isn’t it with the specials on the bookies too. Madness.”

Being bracketed in Group A, along with usual heavyweights is likely to give a huge facelift to a company which is eyeing the Premier League title as well as the top crown in European football.

Having displaced a lot of top teams and grabbed a pride of place in the new Big 7, some people think it gives the feeling that Newcastle have already won the title!

It may be too early to pass judgement, but having thrown out some teams from the pecking order, Newcastle can certainly take pride in the fact that their tickets are going to cost dear and that hereafter their weekend fixtures will have more prime-time audience compared to their famed rivals.