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Even Vinicius Junior Can’t Make 23/24 Real Madrid Away Kit Look Good

Even Vinicius Junior Can’t Make 23/24 Real Madrid Away Kit Look Good

The away football shirt for Real Madrid in the 2023-24 season, designed by Adidas, combines a dark navy base colour known as “Legend Ink” with white logos and sponsor name, and a golden-yellow finish along the sleeves.

The overall colour scheme of the kit reminds fans of the third kit worn by the club from 1999 to 2001. The Tricolor 3 Stripes on the jersey feature a combination of “Preloved Yellow,” “Light Turquoise,” and “Purple,” while the purple-coloured infinity graphic showcases a captivating waves design on the front.

The infinity wave design is the first of its kind for a Real Madrid jersey. However, the colour choices are a bit weird. 

The base colour combination of legend ink and purple creates an appealing contrast but at the same time feels a bit overdone.

This time the Royal White on the iconic Adidas three stripes has also been replaced by a combination of yellow, white, and light purple.

This may be an attempt from the American apparel brand to try something different but the chosen colour combination seems like a big letdown for the fans. 

The colours have also upset those who were hoping for a black away kit after earlier leaks. 

A Departure from Tradition?

Real Madrid is known for their classic white home kit and the away kit is often based on the secondary colours of their home kit. The 23/24 leaked home kit has golden yellow stripes on it.

This led to the speculation that the away kit will also have shades of golden yellow but this is not the case in the leaked images of the away kit. 

Also, a big section of Madridistas might not relate to the modern infinity wave design, as the club is more used to playing in plain kits. 

Even Vinicius Can’t Save the New Kit!

In another tweet by Madrid Zone, Real Madrid star forward Vinicius Jr. has been shown wearing the 23/24 leaked away kit.

However, even this edit hasn’t been able to impress Madridistas, and it seems like Adidas will have a tough time if this is indeed the official away kit for the upcoming season.