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The Edgy New Hairstyle of Chelsea Defender Marc Cucurella: From Fluffy Locks to Braids

The Edgy New Hairstyle of Chelsea Defender Marc Cucurella: From Fluffy Locks to Braids

Chelsea’s star left-back Marc Cucurella has sent his fans into a frenzy by revealing his new hairstyle on his Instagram. The new braided look isn’t just special because it makes him unrecognizable but also because it will be the first time in his professional career that Cucurella will be seen without his signature long curly hair. 

The Spanish international has sported the long curly locks ever since he first appeared on the cameras during his Barcelona B days. In those early days, Cucurella’s haircut was frequently compared to that of Puyol, a former Barcelona and Spain legend, and one of Cucurella’s idols. But later it was revealed that this is not the reason behind his look. 

The real reason was his mother. Cucurella’s career has been heavily influenced by his mother, Patricia, and his haircut also resembled that of her. It is said that, during his younger days, his mother asked him to keep this hairstyle so that it’s become easier for her to pick him out during matches. 

Well, we could say that now Cucurella has got to a point where he can easily be picked out from the crowd so he doesn’t need a special haircut anymore.  

“I will never get a haircut” – When Cucurella Vowed to Never Let Go Off His Locks

Last season, during the PL match against Tottenham Hotspurs at Stamford Bridge, Cucurella had to bear the painful side effect of his long locks. 

Christian Romero, Spurs centre back pulled his hair while trying to stop him from contesting the corner ball, leading him to fall on the ground. This led to a huge outcry from Chelsea supporters and the then Blues manager Thomas Tuchel as Harry Kane levelled the scoreline just after this incident. 

During the post-match interview, when Cucurella was asked if he would consider getting a haircut to avoid such incidents in the future, he responded by saying, “No, no, never! This is my style.” 

However, looking at his new mane makeover, we can say that he has changed his mind and Romero will have to find some new trick to stop him this time. 

Braided Hair and Footballers: Who Else Has Tried This Look? 

Braided hair has become a popular trend among footballers, not only for its stylish appeal but also for its practicality on the pitch. Other footballers who have experimented with braids include Marouane Fellaini, the former Manchester United midfielder, David Beckham, former England and Manchester United star, and Rudi Völler, the retired German striker. 

Andy Carroll with braids

French midfielder Paul Pogba, known for his controversial hairstyles, has sported various intricate braided hairstyles throughout his career. In recent times, Hector Bellerin, Leroy Sane, Kalvin Phillips, and Chris Smalling have also tried this look. 

Will the New Haircut Bring New Luck to Cucurella? 

Besides being a fashion statement, footballers’ hairstyles are often associated with their on-field performances by fans. Griezmann’s long hair was a great matter of discussion at Barcelona with many fans asking him to cut short his hair to improve performance.

Interestingly, Griezmann’s performance did improve at Atletico last season after getting a haircut. Cucurella would be wishing for a similar change of fate this season with his new braided look. 

The former Brighton star was a high-profile signing for Chelsea last season with Todd Boehly splashing at least 62 million Euros for his signature. However, the Alella-born defender has found it difficult to settle in West London with just 2 assists coming in his 34 games. His season was further curtailed due to a muscle injury in April. 

But the talented left-back will be hungry to turn things around for himself and the club next season. And his morale could be boosted by the arrival of former Spurs and PSG manager Mauricio Pochettino. It will be interesting to see if and how the Argentine can bring out the best of Cucurella and his teammates next season.