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The Best and Boldest Purple Kits in Football History: From Tottenham to Argentina

The Best and Boldest Purple Kits in Football History: From Tottenham to Argentina

When it comes to football kits, purple may not be the most popular choice of colour, but it has certainly been used to great effect by some football clubs over the years.

From deep shades of violet to brighter hues of lavender, purple has been incorporated into a variety of football kits, producing some truly memorable designs.

Recently, new leaks suggested a brand-new purple-shaded design for Liverpool’s third kit the Reds will be sporting next season.

A colour combination of light and dark purple added with black stripes on the sides and cloud-like shapes throughout the shirt makes up for a dazzling Nike jersey for the Merseyside club next season.

Accented in white, the third strip features a far more supreme design than those atrocious-looking leaks that came out earlier.

On that note, we’re taking a look at some of the best purple-shaded kits football has seen over the years.

Fiorentina – 1998/99 Home Kit

If there is one club that should strike one’s mind when associating the colour purple with football, it is Fiorentina.

The Florence-based club has worn purple as its primary colour for decades, and over the years, has come up with some of the most magnificent kit designs in Serie A.

In this instance, Fiorentina’s 1998/99 home kit is a standout example of how to use colour effectively.

The shirt features a deep purple base with a series of subtle patches of white through the shoulders. The sleeves are mixed with white, while a Nintendo logo at the centre in red makes up for one of the coolest football kits ever.

Gabriel Batistuta scoring goals for fun while sporting this jersey remains an iconic memory from the Serie A of the 90s.

Juventus – 2022/23

Juve’s third strip for the 2022/23 season might not have gone down very well among the fans but still remains a throwback to their past.

The shirt brings back one of the club’s most iconic colours that have characterized their history in pink.

The outstanding blend between dark pink and purple creates a unique floral or kaleidoscope pattern all over the base of the jersey.

Accented in white, the Adidas shirt features blue collars and cuffs, paired with the sponsor’s logo rendered in blue. The classic white Three Stripes around the collar and sleeves finish off the jersey.

Barcelona – 2016/17 Away Kit

Barcelona is known to shake things up with their away kits, and their 2016/17 away jersey was another attempt at mix-and-match from the Blaugrana.

The kit was a beautiful shade of purple with pink stripes running down the centre, similar to Juventus’ kit from the same season. The kit was a tribute to the team’s first-ever away kit, which was also purple.

The purple colour gave the kit a regal look that perfectly matched Barcelona’s status as one of the world’s top clubs. The kit was worn in some of the team’s most memorable victories, including a 3-2 win against Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup.

Inter Milan – 2000/01 home Kit

Turning the clock back to the era of Ronaldo Nazario’s Inter Milan, their 2000/01 home kit is a striking combination of borderline blue and black.

The shirt features a deep purple base with black stripes running across it, as well as a black collar and cuffs.

The Nike Swoosh and club crest are both rendered in gold, while the iconic ‘Irelli’ logo is a bold white.

The kit has a sleek and retro feel, reflecting the club’s status as one of the most successful and stylish teams in Italian football.

Lazio – 1994/95 Away Kit

Lazio’s 1994/95 away kit is a classic example of how to use purple effectively.

The shirt features a sky blue base with sky blue sleeves combined with a series of intricate geometric patterns running in purple across the chest.

The club crest and the kit producer’s logo are both rendered in white, similar to the sponsor logo.

The addition of light blue, purple, and white at the cuffs and collar makes up for one of the most detailed versions of Lazio’s kits over the years.

The kit is a testament to the club’s long and proud history, and it remains a favourite among fans to this day.

Real Valladolid – 2022/23 Away Kit

Another club that has purple as its traditional colour is Real Valladolid.

The Spanish side has had a number of purple-shaded kits over the years and we’re taking a look at the club’s away jersey from the 2022/23 season.

Lauded by many, the shirt features a purple base with an intricate graphic pattern on the front.

The purple shoulders feature 3 Golden stripes, while a golden Adidas logo on the chest and a black/golden side panel add to the modern appearance.

The V-neck is purple with golden trim, while the club’s crest is rendered in a shiny purple hue.

Tottenham Hotspur – 1995/96 Away Kit

Tottenham Hotspur has been the most significant Premier League club to have regularly featured purple in their strip.

The Tottenham Hotspur 1995/96 away kit featured a striking dark blue and purple design that was unlike anything the team had worn before.

The shirt had a classic collar and was emblazoned with the club’s crest on the chest.

Featuring an artistic stripe at the sleeve ends, the jersey rendered a stripe pattern over the chest.

The iconic Hewlett-Packard logo at the chest was accented in white.

The shorts and socks also featured the same dark blue and purple colour scheme, creating a cohesive and stylish look.

Liverpool – 2018/19 Away Kit

Among Liverpool’s most legendary away kits lies the 2018/19 New Balance jersey.

This was the season the Merseyside-based club won the Champions League after more than a decade-long wait, and their away strip for the season was a callback to the club’s 2012/13 third kit.

The New Balance shirt featured a combination of stark and deep purple while rendering the sponsors and logos in ‘alpha orange’.

The kit also featured an NB DRY technology that helped wick the moisture away from the players’ skin.

FC Porto – 2012/13 Away Kit

Porto’s away kit from the 2012/13 season is based on purple, in addition to black sleeves and vertical ends. The shirt features deep-purple stripes on the base of a purple kit.

The Nike Swoosh and the club’s iconic crest are rendered in white, whereas the shirt sponsors are represented in light blue. The shirt gives away a regal look, representing FC Porto’s rich history in Portugal and Europe.

Argentina – FIFA World Cup 2022 Away Kit

This jersey will forever go down as one of the most iconic strips in the history of Argentine football.

The Argentina 2022 purple kit is a departure from the traditional blue and white stripes, and it was for the first time the team had worn a predominantly purple kit in their history.

The kit features a sleek design with a gradient effect that transitions from dark purple at the top to a lighter shade toward the bottom.

The kit is also a nod to Argentina’s rich history and culture. Purple has long been associated with Argentine royalty and nobility and is a colour that is often seen in traditional Argentine clothing and textiles.

The Adidas jersey sealed its fate as one of the most legendary football kits of all time after a Lionel Messi-led Argentina lifted the FIFA World Cup trophy in Qatar.

Real Madrid – 2016/17 Away Kit

Easily the most iconic and recognizable purple kit from the modern era. Real Madrid’s 2016/17 purple kit was a tribute to the club’s first-ever kit from the early 1900s.

The purple colour was a nod to the team’s historical roots and represented the spirit of the club’s founders.

The kit featured a unique design with the iconic three white stripes running down the collar of the shirt, which gave it a sleek and modern look.

Los Blancos’ purple kit was a fan favourite and has become a collector’s item among football fans, with many still cherishing it as one of the most beautiful kits in Real Madrid’s history.

It was also worn during the team’s victorious campaign in the 2016/17 Champions League, where they defeated Juventus 4-1 in the final, winning the tournament for the second time in a row.