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Fiorentina Stuns Fans with Extraordinary 23/24 Kit Designs

Fiorentina Stuns Fans with Extraordinary 23/24 Kit Designs

ACF Fiorentina, in collaboration with renowned sportswear brand Kappa, has introduced its captivating home and away kits for the 2023-24 season that pays homage to the Gigilo (Lily), the symbol of Florence.

Both the home and away kits belong to the Kappa Kombat 2023/24 edition, with Holding Lamioni as their back shirt sponsor.

ACF Fiorentina 23/24 Home Kit 

The home kit by Kappa for ACF Fiorentina’s 2023-24 season draws inspiration from ‘Giglio is our DNA’, representing the badge of Florence and the club itself. The kit showcases a striking design of braided lilies on the front, arms, and back panel, creating a mesmerizing DNA-like effect.

This symbolic representation signifies the unity between the Viola fans and the team, highlighting the shared identity and passion for the club. The collar of the kit bears the inscription “Play to be different” serving as a reminder of the club’s brand and its commitment to uniqueness.

Additionally, 13 lilies are sensibly printed inside the collar, paying homage to the fans and the late Davide Astori, a beloved former Fiorentina player.

The purple shorts and socks complete the ensemble, complementing the dominant lily concept of the home kit. Kappa’s ACF Fiorentina 2023-24 home jersey was made available to the public on May 26, retailing at €95.

AFC Fiorentina 23/24 Away Kit 

The away kit for Fiorentina’s 2023-24 season features a captivating floral graphic that spreads across both sleeves, seamlessly integrating the club’s unique identity with the vibrant essence of the city.

The collar of the Kappa Fiorentina 2023-24 away jersey boasts a V-shaped cut with a double layer in purple and red, further underlining the colours associated with the club.

The slogan “Play to be different” is inscribed on the outside of the collar, serving as a reminder of the club’s spirit and the importance of embracing individuality.

Retailing at €99, the away kit is also available in a slightly less detailed version and at a more affordable price of €49, catering to fans who wish to showcase their support in a budget-friendly manner.

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