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First Look: England Set To Don All-Purple Away Kit For Euro 2024

First Look: England Set To Don All-Purple Away Kit For Euro 2024

The UEFA EURO 2024 kicks off in Munich on 14th June and ends with the final in Berlin on 14th July. With more than 6 months to the tournament, England’s home kit for the tournament has already been leaked a month ago. Recently the alleged away kit of England for the tournament has also surfaced on the internet and fans have got some mixed feelings about it.

Nike has been the official kit manufacturer for the England National Football team since 2013 and this time they have really stirred things up. Departing from the conventional colour palette of red, blue, or navy for the away kit, Nike has gone with something completely different this time.

The official away kit of England for the Euro 2024 has been reportedly named as “dark raisin”. The away kit featuring a round neck showcases a dark pale purple colour that dominates the kit’s main body. Alongside it is combined with “Sesame” or a goldish colour shade for the swoosh logo of Nike and England’s official emblem of the legendary Three Lions.

What truly sets this kit apart is its design of a multicolour pattern adorned on both sides. It creates a sharp visual contrast against the deep purple backdrop. The geometric display of blue, claret, cream, and black elements down the sides is a departure from the monochromatic norm. Within the collar lies the iconic St. George’s Cross, replicating the same colours and design of the side stripes. The kit surely exudes a unique and distinctive aura.

The leaked images of the away kit have triggered mixed reactions among fans and pundits alike. While some embraced this radical shift as a refreshing change from tradition, others expressed their dissatisfaction with the unorthodox colour scheme and pattern.

One English fan posted: “Why not keep it all purple, instead of putting that weird colour combo down the side.”

“That side bit is shocking.”. Wrote an user.

“Anything other than red feels wrong.”Commented another fan.

However, some fans seem to embrace the refreshing change in the colour shade.

“Makes a change, I like it”. Commented an user.

“Nike don’t miss. Best kit since 1998 red one”. Claimed another.

Even though the away kit has gotten mixed responses, the leaked home kit of England with a serious retro vibe has received positive feedback from all fans unanimously. England’s reported home kit for Euro 2024 is a combination of the country’s classic white with dark navy. Nike also added a maroon detailing. The sleeve cuffs come with a sleek navy-blue-light red stripe detailing.

The kit also features a specially constructed collar in blue that combines a classic V-collar with a Polo collar and the iconic St. George’s Cross inside. It also features a blue strip down the side. The home kit has been tagged as “the best ever’ by the English fans. With the competition underway in June, both the home and away kits are expected to be available to the buyers in March and April.

Under Gareth Southgate, England has been through a good run of form recently. England defeated Italy 3-1 at Wembley to qualify for the upcoming Euro Tournament as table leaders. With the Euro draw ceremony on 2nd December, England is considered a strong contender for the trophy.

Gareth Southgate has an experienced and talented squad by his side and will be looking to go one step further in Germany to win the maiden Euro tournament for England. If that happens, it is definite that both the home and the away kit will go down as a part of their history.

Featured Image Source: Twitter