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Kylian Mbappe’s Wild Reaction to Scoring in France Training: ‘Is He on Drugs’

Kylian Mbappe’s Wild Reaction to Scoring in France Training: ‘Is He on Drugs’

Kylian Mbappe clearly has a lot of fun whenever he’s with the France national team. The greatest achievements in his career have, of course, come with France. He’s won the FIFA World Cup with them and was instrumental to their success in the Qatar World Cup too.

Mbappe clearly loves being part of the French national team camp. He also loves how these international games let him be himself and play to his fullest potential. It also appears that the PSG forward loves to fool around in the training sessions too.

Recently, a video was released showcasing how Mbappe scored an amazing goal in France’s training session. A cross is sent into the box where the Frenchman is standing and instead of trying a simple volley or something, Mbappe goes for something spectacular.

The PSG star ends up hitting a brilliant acrobatic effort that powers its way into the back of the net. Mbappe is left absolutely ecstatic by this. His reaction is somehow even better than the goal itself.

After seeing his effort converted, the Frenchman starts to run around like a madman. It’s almost like he had scored a winner in the World Cup final for France! Mbappe starts to laugh hysterically before running all the way down the tunnel into the dressing room, all while also taking his training gear off.

Fans have found this to be hilarious as well as weird. Some are weirded out at the kind of voice that he is making and why he would dart out of the stadium after just scoring a goal.

But it’s clear that Mbappe is much happier with his France teammates than he is at the PSG environment – which he might look to get out of after his contract expires next year.