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Bukayo Saka: Fans Worry If There’s A Curse After New Blonde Hairdo

Bukayo Saka: Fans Worry If There’s A Curse After New Blonde Hairdo

Bukayo Saka is on fire for Arsenal in the 2023/24 season and has maintained an incredible level of consistency when it comes to his goal contributions.

He’s scored eight goals and provided 12 assists in 23 games across all competitions, nearly averaging a goal or assist every game for the Gunners.

The 22-year-old is making a charge for the 2024 Ballon d’Or trophy, but knows that he has to guide Arsenal to major titles to be taken into serious consideration for that award.

Saka might be a terror for opposition defenders on the pitch, but he’s known to be a loveable guy outside and someone who likes to keep himself grounded.

He has hardly made much effort into glamorizing himself with major brand deals or doing as much modelling work as some of his teammates either.

However, it appears that Saka has finally decided to do something different when it comes to his hairstyle ahead of the huge game against Liverpool at Anfield on December 23.

Just before the game, Saka decided to post a picture of himself having dyed the majority of his hair with a brand new blonde colour.

The Englishman seems to have done something new with his hairstyle for the first time in his career, having maintained a smart, short hair-do for his first few years at Arsenal.

Saka has dyed the majority of his hair with blonde dye and only decided to keep the original black colour for the lower cut areas of his hairline.

It appears that he instructed his barber to just apply a blonde colour dye onto his original short hairstyle and not really trim any of his original hairstyle down.

The Arsenal star looks quite impressive with his brand-new hairstyle and even decided to pose with a young fan to give a better look at what his new style actually looks like. Saka is now set to join a number of his teammates at the Emirates Stadium who also have blonde hair.

However, unlike the likes of Martin Odegaard, Leandro Trossard or Oleksandr Zinchenko – Saka is not a natural blonde and his colour is a slightly darker shade of yellow than the natural blondes in the squad.

It appears that he might’ve actually been inspired by what Ben White was inspired to do with his hair earlier this season.

White decided to change up his hairstyle for a short while a few months ago and stunned fans by dying his hair with a bleach-blonde colour.

That not only made him look really weird, but also ended up affecting his performance levels and saw him momentarily displaced from the starting XI too.

The English full-back quickly reverted to his original black, short hair-do and regained his form too.

Another player who suffered a severe loss of form after going blonde on top is Marcus Rashford.

With just 4 goals, the Man United forward had an abysmal 21/22 season as he famously rocked a similar hairstyle to what Bukayo Saka has now.

Saka will also hope that the ‘curse of the blonde dye’ doesn’t affect him or his performances either. With that being said, the Englishman’s current momentum is unlikely to be impacted by what colour his hair is.

The 22-year-old doesn’t consider himself a fashion icon but has changed his hairstyle just to try out something different.

He’ll hope that this new appearance can spur him onto running riot at Anfield and help his side end 2023 on a high note.