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Sky Sports colleague Alan Smith avoids awkward moment with Laura Woods live on air

Sky Sports colleague Alan Smith avoids awkward moment with Laura Woods live on air

The afternoon fixture at the Emirates between Arsenal and Leeds went about in a routine fashion. A predictable victory for the Gunners, more peril for the Whites, and standard broadcasts to televise the proceedings. 

However, fans online did spot a moment during Sky Sports’ broadcast of the game, which certainly doesn’t qualify as routine. 

The clip, which has since gone viral, features Arsenal Legend and Sky Sports commentator Alan Smith, alongside presenter Laura Woods. 

In the clip, the pair can be seen walking together and conversing, before a rather awkward moment invades the normalcy. As Woods turns towards Smith while speaking into the mic, the latter appears to abruptly lean in.

He eventually snaps back into it, retracts his arm which had wandered alarmingly close to the presenter, and uses it to adjust his earpiece. 

The moment was almost certainly…well nothing, but that didn’t stop fans from speculating over it.

Many compared it to the infamous clip featuring MP Matt Hanock and Politician Wendy Maisey. In it, Hanock can be seen standing in very close proximity to Maisey, while also gazing at her relentlessly. The clip even to led many suggest that he’s a ‘golden retriever in disguise’ 

Nevertheless, the moment between Smith and Woods was seen through a lighter lens. The presenter herself saw the humour in it and tweeted “don’t do Alan like this!” paired with laughing emojis. 

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