Was Laura Woods doing coke live on Talksport breakfast? Here’s the truth

Sky Sports and TalkSPORT presenter, Laura Woods got embroiled in a bit of pointless controversy the other day. 

The 36-year-old was hosting a TalkSPORT breakfast production alongside Alan Brazil, they were also joined by former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Jamie O’Hara. 

In a clip from the radio show, Woods can be seen dropping out of view for a matter of seconds, this was overblown by fans, who proceeded to make comical accusations. 

As seen in the viral clip, Woods briefly lowers her head beneath the mic, before quickly springing back up again, along with a cheeky smile on her face. In response to the clip fans online began lodging claims that Woods was dabbling in cocaine on air. 

Perhaps they were thrown off course by the minor movements, as the host’s head looked to move along a horizontal line for a second.

Additionally, when she sprung up, she briefly had her finger on her nostril, paired with a quick jolt of the head. 

Nevertheless, these claims were always going to be outlandish, and Woods herself later clarified hilariously. 

Via her Twitter, she said “Bloody hell…I’m yawning you absolute donuts. It’s a live-streamed breakfast show. Give your heads a wobble.” 

Fortunately, her tweet seemed to eradicate all doubts amongst fans, and the incident was brushed off as a classic case of early morning lethargy.