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Look: Arsenal Superfan Laura Woods Geeks Out Over Meeting Mesut Ozil

Look: Arsenal Superfan Laura Woods Geeks Out Over Meeting Mesut Ozil

One of the best sportscasters in the UK currently is probably Laura Woods.

Her appearances on television have been regular while she was employed by Sky Sports and ITV Football. She is also a two-time winner of the Sports Journalists’ Presenter of the Year award.

In March 2020, she was chosen to serve as the main presenter of talkSPORT’s immensely popular programme Sports Breakfast.

With the level of fame she has already, you would think she won’t be one to lose her mind when meeting other celebrities. However, a recent incident has made us realize just how human she, like other celebrities, is.

This incident happened very recently when Laura came across arguably one of the greatest midfielders to ever play the game – Mesut Ozil.

Sportscasters aren’t one to shy away from supporting teams, and Laura is no different. She is admittedly an Arsenal fan and is not subtle about it either. 

So you could imagine the awe that struck Laura when she came across the most decorated man in Arsenal’s Emirates era.

In her own words, she described herself as “losing her mind”, which, looking at her face, might be an understatement. The loss of posture and inability to contain a smile by the normally-calm presenter talks about the genuine happiness she felt as she met one of her footballing heroes.

The original tweet shows even more information about the joy that was coursing in her body.

She was waiting in line after another club hero, Ian Wright, to get a photo with the German midfielder. Even while waiting, the excitement of getting to greet him was not lost on her.

Arsenal fans were quick to call this the most natural reaction possible. Some said this is exactly how they would react to it, if not worse.

The meeting took place in Qatar, where the World Cup is currently underway. 

Ozil has a special relationship with the World Cup, despite having a very complicated one with his country.

He won the Cup with Germany in 2014 and was voted as the country’s best player of the year in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and even in 2016. He was clearly influential for the nation.

However, what followed was a controversial era in his legacy, as he was removed from the German NT as he was noted to be a Turkish citizen. After that, he made no more World Cup appearances and even took a step back in club football.

While it may be unclear who he is supporting in the World Cup, as Turkey is out and Germany alienated him, it is clear what Laura Woods has set her eyes on.