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Tom Davies divides opinion by wearing tie-dye for Everton match

Tom Davies divides opinion by wearing tie-dye for Everton match

Player expression in modern football is so much more than displays of flamboyant and flash skills on the pitch. 

Instead, a player’s character, demeanour and even fashion choices are all seen as manners of expression. Fashion, in particular, is an avenue many players have flocked to, and we’ve seen the likes of Hector Bellerin, Dominic Calvert-Lewin etc sport some incredibly bold outfits. 

Coincidentally, the Everton striker shares his love for fashion with fellowship teammate Tom Davies. 

The midfielder is also known for being quite the fashion connoisseur and has often been spotted wearing unconventional outfits.  The most recent of these came during this appearance at Goodison Park.

The 23-year-old was present for Everton’s draw against Leicester, albeit off the pitch, as he’s currently overcoming injury. During the pre-match warm-up, a clip emerged of Davies’ latest eye-catching look, and fans were split in their opinions. 

As seen in this clip, the Englishman paired an extravagant trench coat with a pair of bizarre oversized tie-dyed pants. 

He also donned on a flat cap ripped straight from ‘Peaky Blinders’, fortunately, there was plenty of room for his hair to flail around gloriously.

As for the tie-dye pants/jeans, they feature a peculiar bleached design, the strewn about pattern resembles something pulled from the grunge era. 

Naturally, many weren’t a fan of the look and plenty of jokes were made online. 

Nevertheless, you have to applaud Davies’ confidence in donning such an unconventional look