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Fashion magazine includes Everton duo in their list of ‘stylish people’ spotted during New York Fashion Week

Fashion magazine includes Everton duo in their list of ‘stylish people’ spotted during New York Fashion Week

Amidst all the hustle and bustle that footballers are regularly embroiled in, fans find it very easy to forget that their favourite players can have other hobbies as well.

Take Everton, for example. The club has had a very mediocre season thus far, only collecting thirty six points from twenty five league games so far. This has seriously dented their Champions League hopes, currently being five points adrift of fourth placed Chelsea after playing an extra game. They have, however, had a mini resurgence of sorts, with their big name signings finally beginning to justify their price tag.

One man who has impressed throughout the season, by contrast, is home grown player Dominic Calvert-Lewin. The Sheffield-born lad has played at a high level consistently, collecting eleven goals and an assist in his role as a forward so far.

Occasionally providing him support in midfield is Everton youth academy recruit Tom Davies. While the twenty-one-year-old hasn’t had quite the spectacular season, he is certainly very solid in the middle and is one to watch for the future.

Now, off the pitch, one would assume that these two have not a lot in common, but that’s where one would be terribly wrong. The pair have a rather singular passion shared among them, which is fashion.

Indeed, the two of them have been known to keep up their appearances, and have been described as being very prim and proper when it comes to their dressing style.

In such a high profile job, a distinctive passion like this is bound to be noticed sooner or later. And would you know it, the pair, now on a deserved winter break, have been spotted around in the streets of New York City even as they attend one of the biggest annual fashion events in the world, New York Fashion Week.

Fashion outlet The Cut, in particular, decided to feature them in its list of stylish people seen around the NYFW, with a short piece from both players describing their philosophy on fashion.

Their assembly of outfits have garnered widespread praise from both media outlets and netizens online, with several Twitter users commending them on having a “pure” dressing philosophy and being so open about their interests.

While it is undeniable these two players give their all in the matches they play and most definitely prioritise the game first, it is heartwarming to see them indulge in what excites them so freely.