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Dominic Calvert-Lewin breaking down gender norms one bold photoshoot at a time

Dominic Calvert-Lewin breaking down gender norms one bold photoshoot at a time

Known for breaking conventional barriers with his outlandish fashion style, Everton ace Dominic Calvert-Lewin went from sitting on the sidelines to making front-page headlines with his recent photoshoot for Arena Homme+.

Recovering from a major Quadriplegic injury which rendered him unfit to take the field for several months, the 24-year-old thus decided to make his presence felt off the pitch with an emphatic statement, posing in an outfit that was anything but pedestrian.

The star forward is seen, up and about, donning rad suit-shorts, a polka dot shirt, a black tie and blazer, and immaculately polished black loafers over shiny white socks. A pink-coloured glittering handbag hangs across his neck, completing the heretical ensemble.

DCL understandably stirred up the pot with this quirky attire. Fans heaped praises on the English international in admiration of his “unique taste” and “fearlessness”, stating that while they might have second thoughts in dressing up as such, sportsmen of the likes of Calvert-Lewin, Roberto Firmino and Tom Davies should be hailed for making strides in using fashion as means of self-expression.

However, most of the internet wasn’t as kind.

The sentiment of appreciation wasn’t shared by all, as the other inherently-abusive half of the internet decided to bully the Toffee striker with remarks which were nothing short of sickening.

Labelling it as a schoolgirl outfit, users left some of the vilest comments Twitter might have seen. “Why can’t men be men, women be women”, “mayor of f*ggotsville”, “not right for kids to see gay outfits in football” etc., abuse that could make one’s stomach turn.  

The sheer length of the list of such explicit comments spoke volumes on how evils like misogyny, homophobia and toxic masculinity are eating into our society and anyone who dares meddle with the conventional norms shall fall prey to such nefarious forces.

Amid such rampant negativity, stoic personalities like Dominic Calvert-Lewin are refreshing reminders that one should live life on one’s own terms. The world could use many more of such individuals who espouse the principle of “Being confident in one’s own skin”, and inspire a million others to break the preexisting shackles and do the same.