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Everything about this 90th-minute freekick from Giovanni Lo Celso stunk hard

Everything about this 90th-minute freekick from Giovanni Lo Celso stunk hard

Tottenham’s recent form has been on a downward trajectory much to the chagrin of its supporters.

The Lilywhites failed yet again at the Goodison Park and had to make do with a solitary point from the goalless encounter against hosts Everton.

The listlessness of Conte’s men was perfectly encapsulated in an embarrassing video shot by a fan attending Sunday’s encounter at the Everton Stadium.

It shows a rather clumsy-looking Giovani Lo Celso preparing to take a corner kick right at the death, in a last-ditch attempt for Spurs to go ahead in the game. But taking the set-piece turned out to be a nightmarish affair for the Argentinian.

As he braced to fire the ball in, the midfielder was interrupted by a strong gust that blew the ball away. In his second attempt, Lo Celso tried a pointless fake shot in front of an approaching Toffee defender only resulting in the loss of precious seconds.

When he finally did kick the ball, it misfired big time failing to beat even the first defender,  thereby leaving him flustered in front of a bemused away crowd.

The crux of Twitterati’s reaction could be summed up as collective cluelessness over how an international-level footballer could take such a shoddy kick, given the situation of the game.

Seems like the newly-appointed tactician Antonio Conte has a lot to think about over the international break, a brief respite from their floundering Premier League performances.