Absolutely howling at this Everton fan mouthing off the wrong referee at Goodison Park

Everton fan goes off at the wrong referee at Goodison Park

Sunday’s Premier League encounter between Tottenham Hotspur and Everton at Goodison Park ended in a 0-0 draw, with neither side able to break the deadlock.

While the performance of either club wasn’t exactly one for the highlights reel, the game’s recap did have some rib-tickling moments involving an Everton fanatic, as picked up post the match by the famous “Match of The Day 2” broadcast.

Raw emotions of a cranky Toffee-supporter were captured by the on-field microphones, rife with snarky jibes against the matchday referee. The tirade included asinine comments like “You’re a cheat Attwell!” and “Why don’t you put a white shirt on, Attwell?” delineating his anguish over the ref’s rulings.  

Adding to the comedy was the fact that the fan who was busy blasting Stuart Attwell, had no clue that it was in fact Chris Kavanagh officiating the game!

As the irate fan bellowed “What game are you watching Attwell? Not this one!” the broadcasters of the show were quick to point out the irony of the statement much to the amusement of the audience who called it “the best 2-Good-2-Bad ever”.

Hilarious as the moment was, tensions galore for Toffees as they are headed for international duty without a single victory in their last 5 appearances while awaiting impending threats in the form of Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool on the other side of the break. 

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