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Why Lo Celso and Haaland Giggling With Each Other Was Totally Unexpected

Why Lo Celso and Haaland Giggling With Each Other Was Totally Unexpected

Manchester City travelled to Tottenham Hotspur in a game with immense pressure and stakes for both sides and even Arsenal. However, judging by the reactions of the players and the interactions between them after the full-time whistle, it all seemed as if it was a friendly pre-season match with nothing to play for.

It couldn’t be further from the truth. Manchester City were playing for the league title, where only a win would guarantee them an advantage over Arsenal heading into the final day of the season. Whereas Tottenham were playing for their future in the Champions League where nothing less than three points would hand them a chance to qualify ahead of Aston Villa for next season.

After an intense and nervy 2-0 win for City with such high stakes on the line, the post-game atmosphere was surprising to say the least. Some of the embraces were definitely not on a fan’s bingo list.

Probably the most unexpected of them all was the sight of Erling Haaland and Giovani Lo Celso having the mental peace and calm to sort out their differences. Their hugs and laughs really showed that no love was lost between the two.

Lo Celso and Haaland had apparently gotten into a major tussle at the end of the 3-3 draw between Manchester City and Tottenham back in December during the reverse leg of this fixture.

An agitated Haaland intentionally chose to ignore and brushed past into Lo Celso when the latter extended his hand of support and respect. It called for some harsh words on the Argentinian’s part which sparked a coming together between the two and also a massive brawl at the end of the game.

Looking back at those heated moments, it was rather very anti climatic to see the two hug it out and share a few laughs to settle their dispute and put it behind them. Lo Celso surrounded the giantic Norwegian and the duo shared some light moments before parting ways.

While it was certainly nice to see, the feeling of brotherly love didn’t end there. Kevin De Bruyne and Son Heung-min were also seen to be having a nice long comforting chat after the game and sharing a few embraces. Even Phil Foden had some love to share and he too found Son for gestures of mutual respect.

This slightly amusing chain of behavior didn’t limit itself to the players exclusively. Contagious as it was, even Pep Guardiola had a few moments of banter and laughs with Cuti Romero and, once again, Son. Maybe that game defining, or it’s fair to say title deciding miss, by the South Korean and Spurs skipper really put him in the spotlight with the City players.

Inspite of all the evident heartwarming feeling of brotherhood out there on the pitch, it was ultimately a disappointing night for football fans in London. While Tottenham will definitely miss out on the Champions League for the second successive season, Arsenal too might just concede the Premier League title to City once again for another season running.

As for City, it’s the usual run-in for them. They have been here before, they have done it again. If tonight’s any indication, they really do kill you softly.