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Scott Parker Refuses to Compromise on Drip by Wearing Cardigan in Heatwave

Scott Parker Refuses to Compromise on Drip by Wearing Cardigan in Heatwave

When talking about fashion in football, it’s usually players that hog all the spotlight. 

You can catch most modern-day footballers sporting vibrant outfits, with colours ranging from mellow to flamboyant, and styles varying between orthodox, kitsch, and essentially everything in between.  The eye-watering prices of these threads always manage to nab a headline or two, making fashion a prevalent part of Football Culture. 

While it’s the players that usually set these standards, their gaffers aren’t far behind either.

In fact, some of the most iconic managers of our generation brought to the fore their own distinct styles. From Pep Guardiola‘s effortlessly breezy sweaters to Arsene Wenger defining just how long a trenchcoat can get, the men on the touchline know how to turn it up as well. 

Fans can now add another name to the list of gaffers who refuse to compromise on the drip and that name is Bournemouth manager Scott Parker. 

The 41-year-old is a relatively young face in the managerial scene, and to accompany his newfangled energy, Parker brings with him a broader spectrum in terms of fashion. 

The former Spurs player caught the eyes by sporting a slick Thom Browne jacket on opening day, which can set you back a figure of £1650.

Despite certain naysayers calling it a superfluous flex, the fashion police greenlit the sharp look, and deservedly so. Unfortunately, his latest efforts seem to have missed the landing, with fans finding it baffling instead. 

It all occurred when Parker rocked up to the Etihad sporting a £950 Thom Browne Cardigan, for the Cherries’ clash against Champions Man City. This came amidst an amber heat warning, with temperatures in Manchester topping out at 31 degrees. Even the usually dapper Pep Guardiola kept it simple and opted for a standard white tee to bear the heat. 

With all this in perspective, users online were puzzled by Parker’s choice. 

Safe to say, the Englishman probably didn’t have a brisk afternoon. 

Fans online also took issue with the cardigan itself, as they were thoroughly bemused by the price tag. Fortunately, a long season awaits, offering Parker the opportunity to turn the tides around and dismiss any doubts over his fashion chops.