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Is Laura Woods Secretly A Tory? Unpacking The Controversial Photo With Emily Hewertson

Is Laura Woods Secretly A Tory? Unpacking The Controversial Photo With Emily Hewertson

Aside from being a witty sports presenter and reporter, Laura Woods is quite a bit famous social media personality in the UK too.

The two time SJA sports presenter of the year has around 800k twitter followers and her tweets are always lively, to say the least.

One of her latest retweets though, sparked a massive debate amongst her social media faithful.

In this tweet she can be seen in a pic with a young lady whom she complemented on being good looking. Twitter erupted in response and people started bombarding her with accusations.

Turns out, the young girl in the picture was Emily Hewertson, a “cute, loud and conservative” party girl, as she describes herself.

Better known as ‘Brexit Party Girl’, Aston Villa fan Emily rose to fame after appearing as an audience member on BBC question time and subsequently posting a video of her watching the EU election results at pre-drinks.

What seemed like an innocent social media picture of two ladies having fun, sparked a political debate about the political loyalties of Laura Woods.

People of internet started calling her a Tory and expressing their disappointment about the newly discovered information.

She ignored the situation for a while and requested the people to overthink as much they would like to.

She had thought things would blow over and didn’t pay much heed to it at first. But then things started getting out of control and she had to start defusing the situation that this PR nightmare had become.

Woods started with an explanation about the photograph by stating that it was just a random click with a random fan that had asked her for a photograph. This didn’t seem to satisfy the bloodthirst of the crowd.

She had followed Emily’s account back and that became the next investigative thread. Apparently she is supposed to survey every personality she interacts with or follows.

Netizens can apparently smell some kind of conspiracy brewing.

Laura however thinks that people are trying too hard to get offended. To be fair, it is just a polite gesture to get a pic clicked if someone asks.

Laura Woods is, what you could call a sports world veteran, now. She has worked for the likes of Sky Sports, talkSPORT, ITV, DAZN etc. and is currently working for TNT sports as the lead presenter for UCL (UEFA Champions League) and boxing.

All this controversy still begs the question, is she a Tory ?

Well, nobody else other than Woods herself can confirm or deny that. But we might be able to help you a bit.

While going through her old tweets, we found a particular tweet from 2022, which was actually a reply to a now deleted tweet (probably retracted due to violent content/threat).

This tweet might clear things up. It doesn’t confirm what her political affiliation is, but it sure does clearly say that she is not a Tory.

Knowing the world of internet though, even this probably won’t be able to satisfy the war mongers. We however, can try to keep you satisfied by providing updates about this situation as it unfolds.