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Harry Kane’s Music Taste Are Put To Test Beyond Burna Boy And It Gets Awkward AF

Harry Kane’s Music Taste Are Put To Test Beyond Burna Boy And It Gets Awkward AF

You can ask Harry Kane to score a hat-trick in the next match without any problem. However, if you ask him to name more than one African music artist, he will sweat for his life.

He nowadays plies his trade in Germany, away from his family. Amidst this situation, one might rightfully speculate that he’s been deeply into music lately.

Surprisingly, that’s not the case. When asked to name a second African artist besides Burna Boy, he fumbled so hard that his reaction is almost hilarious.

Harry Kane has recently been added to a long list of foreign athletes who have declared their love for Nigerian singer and songwriter- Burna Boy. He has expressed his profound admiration for the Nigerian’s new song titled ‘Big 7’.

Burna Boy’s single ‘Big 7’ was released on August 25, 2023. The song is from his seventh studio album, ‘I Told Them…’.

According to some, Burna Boy’s ‘Big 7’ is a captivating and catchy song that pays homage to his friends and brothers. The song is a tribute to reaching new heights in his musical journey, with the number seven representing harmonious growth.

The song has been widely appreciated among his peers, amassing 12 million listens from an early snippet on TikTok, 15 million views on YouTube, and nearly 29 million streams on Spotify. And apparently, the English captain is also a part of the crowd.

In a previous interview with ESPN UK, Harry Kane disclosed that Burna Boy’s hit track “Big 7” had dominated his playlist, playing incessantly.

When asked ‘what is the last song that got stuck in your head?’, Kane replied, ‘You know, ‘Big 7’ from Burna Boy? Yeah, I do like Burna Boy, to be fair. It just popped into my head there.’

Moreover, highlighting on the musician he would like to see live, the former Tottenham striker revealed, “Maybe someone like Burna Boy or Dave, you know.”

Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, a.k.a Burna Boy, is celebrated for his distinctive sound and socially conscious lyrics, earning him international acclaim and accolades. Kane joins the ranks of Burna Boy enthusiasts who appreciate the artist’s unique blend of Afrobeat, reggae, dancehall, and other genres.

But there is a slight possibility that Burna Boy is the only name he is familiar with when it comes to African artists and it was evident in another interview regarding Kane’s music taste.

When asked, ‘Apart from Burna Boy, which other African artists do you listen to?’

The Bayern Munich striker paused for a second and then fumbled, saying, ”Good question… Yeah, Burna Boy is my guy, man.”

But is Burna Boy really his ‘ guy’, or was it just a cover because he might not be familiar with anyone else’s name? Nevertheless, this question made him so hesitant that it was really hilarious to watch his reaction.

We have seen the striker tackle proficient defenders with ease, but who would have thought that a simple question regarding music artists would have made him uncomfortable.

His reaction was bound to catch on social media, and it did. People commented on, appreciating his recognition of the artist and supporting his choice of songs.

Some people have rightfully found his hesitation way too funny and have highlighted his reaction when he couldn’t name another African artist.

Harry Kane himself ranks as one of the best ball strikers football has seen. Just halfway into the 2023/24 season, Kane has registered 25 goals in 22 matches for Bayern Munich.

For both clubs and countries, one has to accept that his goal scoring ability ranks among the very best. But even if Burna Boy is the only artist he listens to, one can’t disagree that his taste in music is equally elite.