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Throwback Photo of Arne Slot Crossing Paths with Virgil van Dijk on the Pitch Goes Viral

Throwback Photo of Arne Slot Crossing Paths with Virgil van Dijk on the Pitch Goes Viral

It’s the dawn of a new era at Liverpool. Arguably the greatest ever manager of the club, having won everything there is to win from the Champions League to the Premier League, Jurgen Klopp said his final goodbyes on a tearful Anfield evening full of emotions.

Klopp has had been such an influence on the club and the city with his contagious energy and charisma, replacing him or even the following act will be a no mean feat.

As difficult as it might have been, Liverpool have chosen Arne Slot to be Klopp’s successor. Coming in hot from Rotterdam to replace the departing German legend, now former Feyenoord manager has quite a huge challenge ahead of him. Atleast Klopp is doing his bit in the transition.

A brilliant manager having won the Eredivise and the Dutch Cup, Slot has the persona too having been credited with uniting the city and its fans under a common banner and belief- success for Feyenoord. Sounds like an apt Klopp replacement doesn’t he.

It is interesting to note however, that Slot’s values and style are not the only common link between him and Liverpool. Apparently, Virgil van Dijk has already rubbed his shoulders against his newly appointed coach during his young, formative years.

It is a still from eons ago making rounds online, when the Liverpool captain came up against Slot whilst playing for FC Groningen. Arne, who like Klopp didn’t have career worth writing home about, played for Dutch club Zwolle during the twilight years as a player and pitched face to face with van Dijk in 1-0 loss to Groningen in the 2012/13 season.

While Slot retired that season, Virgil moved to Celtic for the breakthrough move of his career. Now set to cross paths again at Liverpool, fans can’t seem to make enough of this coincidence.

Having gone head to head years ago, no love is lost between the two players. In a recent interview after Slot’s appointment was confirmed by the media, van Dijk was asked about the new Liverpool boss and the Dutch international was full of praise for the former.

Virgil really appreciates and highly rates the persona and head coach that is Arne Slot. After a period of uncertainty about his future at the club following Klopp’s shocking announcement, van Dijk is now excited to stay and lead the new era at Liverpool.

As for Slot, he will surely rely and need the leadership of his captain and count on the experience of the veteran and his fellow countryman to help him navigate through this new challenge for all parties involved.

As Liverpool gears up to welcome their new manager, they would be hoping he could usher them into a new era. Slot has all the makings of another great manager. With a brilliant finished article left behind for him, the players and the values are there.

While great things can be expected of the Dutch, it wouldn’t be prudent to expect him to reach the heights of ‘The Normal One’ from the word go. For there is only one Jurgen Klopp.