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Pedri hints Barcelona number change amid launch of personal logo and website

Pedri hints Barcelona number change amid launch of personal logo and website

They say three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and La Masia producing world-class talents. The current season shows how true this is with the emergence of Pedri, Gavi, and Ronald Araujo among the ranks for Barcelona.

With Messi’s transfer to PSG, there was an air of uncertainty and anxiety that hadn’t befallen for ages. However, in spite of a shaky start, Barcelona has performed above the expectations of its fans and critics. This should be credited to the performance of the youngsters, who stabilized the team, despite their young age. 

However, among them, it is Pedri who has caught the eyes of many people. While he already shined last season, so much so that he was in the Spanish team for the Euros, this season has only confirmed what many were thinking last season.

While his goal contributions aren’t that great if one sees him play they won’t think he is 19 years old. The young Spaniard helps control the game and move the ball quickly, which allows Barcelona to pull off their high-press play style under Xavi. Many were looking to poach the young talent due to the uncertainty surrounding Barcelona. However, Barcelona was quick to renew their star prospect till 2026, with a release clause of a whopping 1 billion.

It is not only the pitch where the young talent is showing wits. According to sources, the Spaniard is already building his own brand and has launched his own website ( along with a new logo. With how uncertain football can be with injuries, form, etc. this move could reap many rewards for the player.

What is more interesting for fans is Pedri’s mention of the number ‘8’ on his website name and logo. The midfielder so far dons the number 16. Many believe this is a hint towards his jersey number next season.

Now for those who follow football, they would know what the number 8 signifies for a midfielder. If the number 10 represents the MVP of the team, 8 represents the MVP of the midfield. Considering how important the midfield is with today’s high-intensity pressing games, the number 8 may be as important as the number 10.

This implies that the team may be structured around Pedri next season, something all Barcelona and Spain fans wish for. With Xavi at the helm, new signings to come, and a great balance of young prospects and veterans, we may see Barcelona back at the top sooner than we thought.