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A Closer Look At The Girl Who Slipped Her Number To Pedri

A Closer Look At The Girl Who Slipped Her Number To Pedri

Pedri is widely recognized as one of the best midfielders in world football. At the young age of 20, the Spaniard has already won the Golden Boy and Kopa Trophy awards. He’s played an influential role in helping his side take control of the La Liga title race this season.

Pedri has scored six goals in just 21 league games so far this season and featured in 30 games across all competitions. However, he recently got injured in Barcelona’s thrilling 2-2 draw against Manchester United in the first leg of their Europa League knockout round tie – which is likely to rule him out of action for a month or so.

As he recovers from his knock, Pedri was asked to attend a public event for the club recently. Barcelona have shown a willingness to host more meet-and-greet events involving their players in an attempt to improve their relationship with the fans.

First Gavi, now Pedri

They even did that when Gavi signed a new long-term contract last year. During the event, there was also one moment which saw Gavi accept a note from a young woman – who seemingly gave her personal number to the midfielder in an attempt to swoon him.

Well, it appears that Pedri might have taken one from his Barca teammates’ notebooks. During his interaction with the fans yesterday, the Spaniard was approached by a lot of fans – most of whom were eager to chat with him or take pictures.

However, one particular female fan appeared to have some other intention altogether. In the event, the young female fan approached Pedri and appeared to slyly slip a little piece of paper onto his arms.

The Spaniard midfielder quickly put it inside his pockets, thinking that nobody would be able to watch it happen. To his bad luck, the entire thing was caught on camera after being recorded and has left him red-faced.

Though there’s no information available about the girl, here’s a closer look at her –

Does Pedri have a girlfriend?

Pedri does not have a partner. In recent years, he’s probably been focused on improving his game rather than looking for a partner. But this is probably proof that he is definitely looking to mingle with someone.

Fans clearly saw the similarities between Gavi and Pedri’s situations and have warned the midfielder of staying close to potential gold-diggers. Some others believe that the 20-year-old should continue looking for a partner and have praised him for this as well.

The majority of the Barca squad are either married or have a partner, so you can’t blame Pedri for having the urge to find his own better half. Ousmane Dembele, for one, has shown a significant improvement in form since he got married last year.

While Pedri appears ready to spice up his personal life, his ultimate objective is always to work for the best of Barcelona. He has been among their most consistent, standout performers since joining the club from Las Palmas in 2020 and appears to be a long-term successor to someone like Andres Iniesta.

Pedri’s major goal for the season involves helping Barca reclaim the La Liga trophy and keep progressing on his path to becoming the best midfielder in world football.