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Who Is Cristobal Soria And Is He Friends With Lionel Messi?

Who Is Cristobal Soria And Is He Friends With Lionel Messi?

Cristobal Soria is probably someone that can be remembered by fans of La Liga commentary and the over-the-top Spanish show ‘El Chiringuito’. The show is basically one devoted to football and revolves around Barcelona and Real Madrid.

El Chiringuito’s host Josep Pedrerol is an influential person, having direct contacts with Florentino Perez – who has visited his set for interviews too!

The ‘pundits’ for the show comprise Spain-based journalists, ex-footballers and even those to have been in management positions in Spanish clubs.

Hates Real Madrid

Soria is arguably one of the most memorable personalities to actively appear on the show. He has the reputation of being the biggest fanboy of Lionel Messi as well as a massive Real Madrid hater.

While Soria has never played professional football in his career, he began his career as a referee for the Spanish Second Division B, where he worked for 14 years. He would then go on to transition into the role of a field delegate for Sevilla in 2000.

He worked in that role for 11 years, helping him build some strong connections to Spanish football before he was dismissed by the club due to issues with the ball boys during games. He then went on to embrace life as a panellist in Spanish sports talk shows and analyst shows.

After working in a few Spanish shows, he joined El Chiringuito to work with Pedrerol and the rest of the panellists. It was during this time that he earned the reputation of being a massive critic of Real Madrid and got his ‘hater’ status.

He continues to demean Los Blancos and magnify the tiniest of issues, while often revelling in their misery after crushing losses.

Despite the general consensus believing that his hate for Madrid means he’s a Barcelona fan – Soria is actually a lifelong Sevilla supporter – having been born in Seville.

He is yet to describe the reason behind his hatred of Madrid, but it’s probably due to their success and how they often get positive decisions from referees.

With El Chiringuito being filled with Real Madrid fans, he acts as a perfect ‘villain’ for them – often mocking them for their defeats and not shying away from being creative with his work either.

Loves Lionel Messi

Moreover, Soria also worships Lionel Messi.

He is almost obsessed with Argentina forward and once even confessed on El Chiringuito that he would ‘become bisexual’ for him.

In 2018, he released his own book called ‘The Bible of Football’ – in which Messi was the protagonist and played the role of his ‘football god’.

Soria was absolutely livid to see Leo leave Barcelona in 2021 and lashed out at the club for taking away his idol from Spain.

The Spaniard’s infatuation with Messi has had many fans wondering whether the reigning World Cup champion is even aware of who he is.

It turns out that they are actually friends!

Soria recently managed to catch up with Leo at Barcelona airport and the two seemed delighted to see each other, posing for a picture with huge smiles on their faces.

Some fans joked that Messi looked to be happier around Soria than he does around his own wife Antonella.

Soria is a bonified icon of the Spanish football punditry scene.

He might have some controversial opinions and can rile up Real Madrid fans quite often, but his entertaining passion for the game and unconditional love for Messi has helped him become popular among fans not only in Spain – but from all over the world.