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Internet Is Obsessed With Videos Of Kylian Mbappe Hugging Lionel Messi

Internet Is Obsessed With Videos Of Kylian Mbappe Hugging Lionel Messi

It’s been over two months since Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe fought it out at the World Cup final. Both players won all the headlines by stealing the spotlight. Messi scored an impressive penalty and basically ran the show in the attack for Argentina.

Mbappe decided to do one better by scoring a hattrick, dragging France all the way to fight till the penalty shootout. In the shootout, it was someone else altogether as goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez decided the result and won the game for Argentina.

Fast-forward a few months after that memorable night in Qatar, Messi and Mbappe are strongly united at PSG.

Their motto is the same, which is to help PSG win trophies and finally end their European duck. The Ligue 1 side suffered a bit of a setback in the Champions League, losing the first leg of the Round of 16 clashes at the Parc des Princes to Bayern Munich.

A massive win against Lille

However, the French side bounced back from that with a thrilling win over Lille.

If PSG does manage to turn things around in Europe and win the Champions League, the Lille game could be pointed at as the turning point of their season.

The game wasn’t for the faint of heart because it had a lot of unexpected twists and turns.

PSG appeared to be strolling to win after taking a 2-0 lead within 17 minutes. But after losing Neymar to an injury, the Ligue 1 giants dropped their performance levels.

Lille pounced on their vulnerable state and mounted an amazing comeback, making it 3-2 in the second half. Things got so intense that PSG sporting director Luis Campos was forced to leave his seat in the stands and come to the touchline, barking orders at the players.

In the end, it took some Mbappe and Messi magic to win the game.

The Frenchman equalized the score late on before Messi struck an amazing free-kick to take all 3 points.

The celebrations to that were heart-warming, with every single PSG player and even the manager Christophe Galtier mobbing Messi with hugs and praises.

Mbappe repeatedly hugs Messi

Mbappe was especially delighted with what Leo had done and did not shy away from displaying his delight.

The 24-year-old gave Messi a number of passionate hugs, which has delighted some fans so much so that they have created a whole new compilation of Messi x Mbappe hugging.

Indeed, as bizarre as it might sound, the Messi and Mbappe fans are so happy to see their idols gel together sweetly at PSG that they can’t stop obsessing over their interactions.

Mbappe really couldn’t hold his love for Leo after his amazing free-kick, lifting him up in the air with his hug and repeatedly going to celebrate with his teammate after the goal.

Some fans are truly delighted to see this kind of chemistry between two of the world’s best players at the moment.

Galtier will not only be pleased to see his side turn things around to get the win, but also that his two best players have developed a close bond and are now operating as one in the field.

While there are still question marks around Messi’s future at PSG, he seems to love playing with Mbappe and the two will focus on channelling their irresistible energy to obliterate Bayer in the second leg and go all the way into winning the Champions League title in May.