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The reason why Barcelona fans suspect Gavi has a burner account on Twitter

The reason why Barcelona fans suspect Gavi has a burner account on Twitter

La Masia sensation Gavi continues to turn heads and establish himself as one of the most exciting prospects in the game at the moment. 

The midfielder is already a pivotal part of Barcelona‘s transitional period, despite being just 17 years old. The Spaniard featured in Barca’s Europa League outing against Napoli and was impressive once again. 

Alongside the likes of Pedri, Nico, Ansu Fati etc, Gavi is a testament to the level of talent coming out of La Masia. 

The 17-year-old has garnered plenty of fanfare and as such, every minor detail related to him has the potential of becoming a talking point. 

We’ve already seen this happen after fans observed his shoelace habits, and similarly, a new point of discussion has arrived after eagle-eyed fans took a peek into his phone. 

In this TikTok captured by a fan, Gavi can be seen in a vehicle alongside Pedri. A clear view of his phone screen led to fans taking a glimpse (of course). 

Users online were quick to point out the presence of the Twitter app, despite Gavi not having an official account on the platform. This led to fans speculating that perhaps Gavi has a secret account, one which nobody is aware of. 

If the aforementioned is true, what are the odds that Gavi secretly keeps tabs on football Twitter? 

He could potentially have a footy fan account, repping his club along with his favourite player as his profile picture. Users online thought the same, after all, it’s fun to imagine Gavi ‘ratio-ing’ an account without anyone ever finding out. 

While there is no way of finding out the truth, unless the man himself reveals it, it’s safe to assume that Gavi’s secret burner account does not tolerate any Barcelona slander.